I know I might get some backlash for making this blog, but I do wonder which character or characters do you think are very underrated or underappreciated.

Rarity gulp S2E9

Okay then. *gulp* Here I go...

In my personal opinion I think aside, from Rarity being underrated, people give Princess Celestia less credit than she needed too. Twist is also quite underrated as well. It kinda hurts me when so many people hate her for shallow reasons. Then we have Applejack that's very underrated as well. Same thing with certain background ponies like Sapphire Shore, Hoity Toity, etc. Spike is often forgotten as a main character by so many people.

And you know what's sad? I like most if not all of those underrated ponies. I love both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna but sadly nether of their fanbases are getting along well at times. Rarity is my favourite pony in the mane six since I can relate to her that most....and I'm a guy surprisingly. Twist is one of my favourite BG/Minor characters in this series since I'm more fond of Adorkable characters. I like Twilight Sparkle and all but she's my second favourite pony in the mane six. While Princess Luna and Rarity are my most favourite characters of all in this series, I still love both Princess Celestia and Rarity as well since I love most of their personality. Same thing with the characters I've mentioned above. Don't get me wrong. I love the mane six including Spike (Despite the fact that Rainbow Dash is my least favourite at the moment). But try to give those underrated character a fair chance and maybe re-watch the episodes that center around them (Celestia, and Twist haven't got their episodes....yet) before determining to either liking one of those characters or despising them.

What are your thoughts about this?