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    August 21, 2016 by IrisIsBestPrincess

    I will be leaving this wiki for good.

    I have unfollowed every page I followed from this wiki, to stop getting emails.

    Admins, please block me. I will never return.


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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    Hello! I just created the Romanian MLP Wiki. Here:

    I only created the home page and the show's page, so I would appreciate your help!

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    Danish 8/10 Srsly Pinkie?

    Dutch 8/10 Kinda good.

    German 10/10 I love Pinkie Pie in this song!

    Norwegian 9/10 Good.

    Swedish 9/10 Good.

    French 8/10 Sounds a little off.

    Italian 10/10 Pinkie is really insprired!

    Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Good.

    European Portuguese 6/10 It's a pain to my ears.

    Romanian 10/10 My language!

    Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

    Castilian Spanish 8/10 A little weird, but good.

    Czech 8/10 At least the actress tried her best.

    Polish 10/10 Really good!

    Russian 6/10 My reaction is the same as Cranky's.

    Serbian Mini 7/10 What did I just listen to?

    Slovak 9/10 Good.

    Arabic 8/10 Woah... The lenght of the video...

    Finnish 7/10 Hmm. I don't know what to say.

    Greek 9/10 Good.

    Hungarian 8/10 Kinda good.

    Hungarian Redubbed 8/10 Same opinion as normal Hungarian…

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    Life is a Runway:

    French 11/10 Rarity is so inspired and perfect!

    Italian 8/10 Sounds kinda old, but good.

    Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Good.

    Latin Spanish 8/10 Same as Italian.

    Castilian Spanish 8/10 We get crushed by the Romance Old Rarities....

    Polish 9/10 Good.

    Russian 10/10 Good.

    Turkish 9/10 Good.

    Perfect Day for Fun:

    Danish 10/10 Good!

    Dutch 10/10 Good.

    German 9/10 Good.

    Norwegian 11/10 Best Norwegian animated short so far!

    Swedish 9/10 Good.

    French 10/10 Good!

    Italian 9/10 Good.

    Brazilian Portuguese 8/10 Voices are a little old, but good.

    Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

    Polish 9/10 Good.

    Turkish 10/10 Really impressive!

    Friendship Through the Ages:

    French 9/10 Pinkie Pie's voice is weird.

    Italian 7/10 Some of thevoices are old.

    Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

    Castilian Spa…

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    Tricks up my Sleeve:

    Danish 8/10 A bit weird.

    Dutch 6/10 Trixie's voice aged A LOT.

    German 11/10 OMG SO GOOD!

    Norwegian 9/10 Good.

    Swedish 4/10 Really weird.

    French 7/10 Sounds like the Romanian Trixie, but good.

    Italian 6/10 Old voice.

    Brazilian Portuguese 8/10 Good, but something sounds a little off.

    European Portuguese 5/10 Weird.

    Romanian 10/10 My language!

    Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

    Castilian Spanish 9/10 Good.

    Czech 6/10 Old voice.

    Polish 5/10 Kinda bad.

    Russian 9/10 Good.

    Serbian Minimax 8/10 Trixie's voice is a bit old, but not enough to ruin the song.

    Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

    Arabic 4/10 Weird.

    Finnish 8/10 Same as Serbian Minimax.

    Greek 9/10 Good.

    Hungarian 6/10 Trixie's voice...

    Turkish 10/10 Surprisingly good!

    Awesome as I Wanna Be:

    Danish 10/10 Dashie…

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