I realized that my comment on "Battle" was long, so I'm making a post:


Danish 10/10 Adagio's voice is great!

Dutch 8/10 Took points off because when Sonata and Aria say "beter" sound a little old. Otherwise, it's fine.

German 10/10 I love Adagio's voice!

Norwegian 9/10 Beautiful!

Swedish 7/10 Sometimes it feels like they're doing sounds, but still fine.

French 6/10 It sounds kinda... quiet.

Italian 10/10 One of the best!

Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Adagio sounds somehow old but not enough to ruin the song.

European Portuguese 10/10 Love it!

Romanian 10/10 My language never dissapoints me!

Latin Spanish 7/10 Umm...

Castilian Spanish 5/10 Adagio sounds too old.

Czech 9/10 Same as Brazilian Portuguese.

Polish 5/10 Same as French, but this sounds more quieter.

Russian 9/10 Pretty good.

Serbian Minimax 6/10 Old again...

Slovene Minimax 10/10 Surely manipulative!

Ukrainian 0/10 Worst. MLP international dub. Ever.

Arabic 6/10 it is quiet but it also has kid-like voices.

Finnish 6/10 Adagio sounds weird, but it's good.

Greek 5/10 More quietness...

Hungarian 8/10 Good, but why extra talking in the beginning?

Lithuanian 0/10 Another voiceover? Why Lithuania? WHY?

Turkish 6/10 More quietness...

Better than Ever:

Danish 8/10 Two points off for RD and AJ's VAs.

Dutch 9/10 Horrible RD.

German 11/10 LOVE IT!!!

Norwegian 9/10 Congratulagions Norway!

Swedish 9/10 Not bad, but the beginning sounds a little weird.

French 8/10 I'm not getting mad because of the quietness by now, but good.

Italian 10/10 This song is really good!

Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Beginning sounds like Romanian.

European Portuguese 7/10 The "oh-woah-oh-oh-woah-oh" sound a little weird.

Romanian 10/10 I'll never give a bad note to my language!

Latin Spanish 10/10 Good!

Castilian Spanish 8/10 Pinkie's VA sounds a little weird, but whatever.

Czech 5/10 The voices are sounding old

Polish 9/10 Good.

Russian 9/10 Good.

Serbian Minimax 10/10 Great!

Slovene Minimax 10/10 Impressive!

Ukrainian 0/10 As always, a voice-over.

Arabic 8/10 Good enough.

Finnish 9/10 Much better than Battle.

Greek 10/10 Not bad!

Hungarian 9/10 Good.

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

Turkish 9/10 Beautiful!

Bad Counter Spell:

Danish 10/10 It's really showing the bad singing.

Dutch 9/10 I laughed throughtout the song!

German 8/10 Twilight's voice sounds a little strange...

Norwegian 5/10 Almost broke my eardrums :\

Swedish 8/10 Twilight's voice...

French 10/10 Good!

Italian 10/10 It really shows Twilight's bad singing!

Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Good!

European Portuguese 5/10 Same as Norwegian.

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 9/10 Wow!

Castilian Spanish 10/10 Good!

Czech 8/10 Umm...

Polish 7/10 It's kinda weird...

Russian 8/10 Twilight's voice is a little old.

Serbian Minimax 5/10 Twilight is singing really bad...

Slovene Minimax 4/10 Awful Twilight...

Ukrainian 0/10 Voice-overs are bad.

Arabic 3/10 Twilight's kid voice. It ruins the song.

Finnish 4/10 Oh my gosh...

Greek 9/10 Much better than I expected!

Hungarian 8/10 This one is actually good!

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

Turkish 8/10 Wow!

Shake your Tail:

Danish 10/10 Good!

Dutch 10/10 Good!

German 11/10 MY FAVE!!!

Norwegian 8/10 Good enough not to be bad.

Swedish 9/10 Congratulations Sweden!

French 10/10 Wow!

Italian 9/10 Good!

Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 I think I heard the word "legal"... Otherwise, it's fine.

European Portuguese 10/10 Good!

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 8/10 Applejack's voice...

Castilian Spanish 10/10 Good!

Czech 6/10 Old voices.

Polish 10/10 Good!

Russian 9/10 Good.

Serbian Minimax 9/10 Impressive!

Slovene Minimax 6/10 Same as Czech.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voice-overs are bad.

Arabic 4/10 OMG those kid voices...

Finnish 7/10 More kids...

Greek 9/10 Powerful!

Hungarian 8/10 Pinkie Pie's voice...

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

Turkish 7/10 I laughed at AB's part!

Shine Like Rainbows:

Danish 10/10 Really good!

Dutch 8/10 The credits cover almost the whole song, but, judging by the beginning, old voices.

German 6/10 The voices are so young.

Norwegian 9/10 Kinda good, but not that good.

Swedish 10/10 Good!

French 10/10 Good!

Italian 8/10 What the hay?! I heard in the credits Marisa della Pasqua's name 4 times! Otherwise, it's fine.

Brazilian Portuguese 6/10 Again, kid voices.

European Portuguese 6/10 More kids...

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 8/10 Good, but the voices are kinda screamy.

Czech 6/10 Old voices.

Polish 6/10 It's the BLAST OF YOUNG VOICES...

Russian 9/10 Good.

Serbian Minimax 10/10 Good!

Slovene Minimax 8/10 I expected more power in this version, but whatever.

Ukrainian 0/10 No comment.

Arabic 8/10 Meh. Nothing important to say.

Finnish 9/10 I think it's the best song in Finnish.

Hungarian 10/10 Good!

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

Turkish 7/10 A little old, but not enough to ruin the song.

Under our Spell:

Danish 10/10 Good!

Dutch 6/10 All the "oh-whoa-oh"s are not even heard. Too bad.

German 11/10 Charming and amazing! I fell under their spell!

Norwegian 9/10 Good.

Swedish 8/10 Something fells... off to this version, but I can't describe what.

French 5/10 Not good, but nor bad. Deserves a 5.

Italian 9/10 DID I HEAR THE F WORD??? Also, Adagio's voice is kinda wacky.

Brazilian Portuguese 6/10 Why did they put old womans to voice them?

European Portuguese 7/10 Woah. Adagio's voice is weird.

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 6/10 Old womans again.

Castilian Spanish 8/10 Sound like a commercial a little.

Czech 7/10 Good, but the old voices ruined the whole movie.

Polish 11/10 I fell again under their spell!

Russian 11/10 And again!

Serbian Minimax 11/10 It seems Slavic languages are straight from heaven!

Slovene Minimax 6/10 This one ruins the heaven because of the old voices.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 9/10 MUCH better than Shake Your Tail.

Finnish 8/10 Too loud. Otherwise, fine.

Greek 10/10 Forget the quality, best Greek MLPEGRR song overall!

Hungarian 7/10 A little bad, but nod really bad.

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

Turkish 9/10 Good.