Welcome Song

Danish 8/10 Srsly Pinkie?

Dutch 8/10 Kinda good.

German 10/10 I love Pinkie Pie in this song!

Norwegian 9/10 Good.

Swedish 9/10 Good.

French 8/10 Sounds a little off.

Italian 10/10 Pinkie is really insprired!

Brazilian Portuguese 9/10 Good.

European Portuguese 6/10 It's a pain to my ears.

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

Castilian Spanish 8/10 A little weird, but good.

Czech 8/10 At least the actress tried her best.

Polish 10/10 Really good!

Russian 6/10 My reaction is the same as Cranky's.

Serbian Mini 7/10 What did I just listen to?

Slovak 9/10 Good.

Arabic 8/10 Woah... The lenght of the video...

Finnish 7/10 Hmm. I don't know what to say.

Greek 9/10 Good.

Hungarian 8/10 Kinda good.

Hungarian Redubbed 8/10 Same opinion as normal Hungarian.

Indonesian 5/10 Oh my gosh...

Japanese 11/10 Typical Japan awesomeness!

Korean 8/10 Pinkie's voice is too high-pitched.

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

The Heart Carol

Danish 8/10 A little weird, but good.

Dutch 7/10 The voices are kinda old.

German 8/10 Same as Dutch, only the German voices are younger a bit.

Norwegian 5/10 Old voices + Are there only three or two people singing?

Swedish N/A Does not exist.

French 10/10 French almost always amazes me!

Italian 7/10 Why is there a man singing?

Brazilian Portuguese 7/10 OMG too loud...

European Portuguese 6/10 Old voices.

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Castilian Spanish 8/10 Hmm... Good.

Czech 6/10 Old voices.

Polish 9/10 Good.

Russian 9/10 Good.

Serbian Mini 8/10 Mini is pretty good.

Slovak 8/10 A little off, but good.

Slovene 7/10 It isn't low quality for me.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 9/10 Good.

Finnish 8/10 Loud voices.

Greek 7/10 Voices are a little old.

Hungarian 5/10 Needs a re-dub.

Indonesian 6/10 A little better than Welcome Song.

Japanese 11/10 I don't care if there are subs as long the dub is Japanese!

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

(no Latin Spanish because te account that uploaded it doesn't exist anymore)

Happy Monthiversary

Danish 11/10 I love Pinkie in this song!

Dutch 9/10 A little weird.

German 10/10 Made me laugh! :)))))

Norwegian 7/10 Pinkie's voice sound too teen-ish.

Swedish 9/10 Good.

French 10/10 Same as German! :)))))

Italian 3/10 MAKE IT STOP!

Brazilian Portuguese 2/10 Even worse than Italian...

European Portuguese 1/10 Worse than its other equivalent...

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

Castilian Spanish 7/10 Pinkie's voice is too fast for the video.

Polish 9/10 Good.

Russian 10/10 LOL! :))))))

Serbian Mini 9/10 Good.

Slovak 8/10 A little bad.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 6/10 Woah...

Greek 9/10 Good.

Hungarian N/A Does not exist.

Indonesian 3/10 Oh god...

Japanese 11/10 Japan = AWESOME!

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

Putonghua 8/10 Not bad.

(no Korean because copyright stuff)

The Perfect Stallion

Danish 10/10 Cute!

Dutch 9/10 Good.

German 7/10 Sweetie Belle is too old.

Norwegian 9/10 A little old Sweetie, but good.

Swedish 8/10 Hmm... Decent.

French 10/10 Made me laugh as little, means it's good!

Italian 6/10 The CMC sound like sick babies.

Brazilian Portuguese 6/10 Same as Italian. I hope that European is better.

European Portuguese 5/10 European is WORSE than Brazilian.

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Castilian Spanish 7/10 The audio quality feels low.

Czech 8/10 A little old, but good.

Polish 9/10 Good.

Russian 9/10 Good.

Serbian Mini 7/10 I'm not sure what to say.

Slovak 8/10 Typical for Slovak.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 4/10 Oh god...

Finnish 8/10 Loud voices.

Greek 9/10 Good.

Hungarian 10/10 I personally don't think that this song needs a re-dub.

Japanese 11/10 Japan rules!

Korean 10/10 Cute!

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

(no Latin Spanish because it doesn't exist)

Smile Song

Danish 7/10 Something tells me that this song deserved a 7.

Dutch 8/10 Pinkie sounds a little weird for me.

German 6/10 Pinkie sounds too childish.

Norwegian 9/10 Good.

Swedish 7/10 Pinkie sounds too weird in the chorus.

French 7/10 At the beginning, when Pinkie says hello to the other ponies, she sounds different that her singing.

Italian 8/10 When all the ponies are singing with Pinkie, I can't even hear them.

Brazilian Portuguese 8/10 Pretty good.

European Portuguese 7/10 Why does Pinkie sound doubled?

Romanian 10/10 I admit, our voices are pitched, but it's still good!

Latin Spanish 8/10 Did she say SOS at some point?

Latin Spanish (Demo 1) 6/10 Not sure what to say.

Latin Spanish (Demo 2) 4/10 Sound weird.

Castilian Spanish 6/10 Something tells me that it's kinda bad.

Czech 3/10 Kill me....

Polish 9/10 Good.

Russian 7/10 Hmm... not sure what to say.

Serbian Minimax 5/10 Bad quality.

Serbian Mini 4/10 It sounds like the actress tried to sound high-pitched but she ended sounding fake.

Slovak 9/10 This sounds better than I expected!

Slovene 7/10 Other than the quality, she's fine.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 1/10 Is this a newborn drunk baby singing?

Finnish 2/10 It's a little better than Arabic.

Greek 10/10 I love Pinkie's voice!

Hebrew 5/10 It's not good, nor bad. It's just okay.

Hungarian 9/10 Good.

Hungarian Redubbed 9/10 I think it has the same points with the normal one.

Indonesian 10/10 I don't get the thing that people hate this song.

Japanese 11/10 No words!

Korean 11/10 Awesome!

Vietnamese 1/10 Where did this junk come from???

The Flim Flam Brothers

Danish 8/10 Did I hear Granny at some point saying "hashtag"? And the crowd...

Dutch 7/10 Flam sounds like a sick grandfather.

German 6/10 None of the brothers' voices fit. But did I hear Flim at some point saying "sex"?

Norwegian 9/10 Good.

Swedish 9/10 Good.

French 10/10 French is almost always ''''impressive!

Italian 9/10 Good.

Brazilian Portuguese 6/10 Same as German. Even with the "sex" part.

European Portuguese 8/10 Granny's voice...

Romanian 10/10 My language!

Latin Spanish 9/10 Good.

Castilian Spanish 9/10 Good.

Czech 7/10 Old voices + During the chorus, I heard "sexy".

Polish 9/10 Good, as usual.

Serbian Minimax 8/10 Of what I can understand, Flim's voice is weird.

Serbian Mini 9/10 A little better than Minimax.

Slovak 9/10 Good.

Ukrainian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 1/10 Flam is voiced by a female! AHH!

Finnish 10/10 Really good!

Greek 11/10 I love the Greek version of this song!

Hungarian 4/10 This song is in need of a re-dub...

Indonesian 10/10 I love Indonesian!

Japanese 11/10 Japan rules!

Korean 10/10 Korean is one of the best!

Piggy Dance

Danish 7/10 Not really impressive.

Dutch 5/10 Pinkie sounds more like a teenager, and that ruins the song.

German 6/10 Too fast.

Norwegian 4/10 Just no.

Swedish 8/10 Pretty good IMO.

French 2/10 Okay. I really hoped this was better. Sorry France.

Italian 8/10 The childish voice matches Pinkie, but it's a bit too squeaky.

Brazilian Portuguese 6/10 The quality is a bit bad.

Romanian 10/10 Good.

Latin Spanish 7/10 Same as Danish.

Castilian Spanish 6/10 Not that good.

Czech 1/10 Even worse than French.

Polish 5/10 Bad. Just bad.

Russian 1/10 Same as Czech.

Serbian Mini 7/10 Kinda good, but not excellent.

Slovak 9/10 Surprisingly good!

Ukranian 0/10 Voiceover.

Arabic 1/10 No. Just no.

Greek 6/10 Kinda good.

Hungarian 9/10 Good!

Indonesian 3/10 No. NO.

Japanese 11/10 Typical Japan awesomeness!

Korean 9/10 Very good!

Latvian 0/10 Voiceover.

Lithuanian 0/10 Voiceover.

(no European Portuguese because of private video)

Love is in Bloom

Danish 7/10 Twilight's voice is a bit old.

Dutch 7/10 Now, it's a bit young. How could anyone dance to these voices?

Dutch Extended 7/10 Same voice, different lyrics. It's almost the same.

German 8/10 Those crowd ponies were annoying. Otherwise, good.

German Extended 10/10 Without the crowd, the song is much better.

Norwegian 9/10 Awesome song! I took 1 point off because of the crowd voices.

Norwegian Extended 6/10 No. Twilight sounds too childish for me. I hate this.

Swedish 8/10 I have a slight feeling that the extended version will be worse. It's pretty decent.

Swedish Extended 8/10 It's pretty much the same as the in-show version.

French 8/10 Not as impressive as the other French songs.

Italian 7/10 The voice. Just the voice. It's annoying.