Hello! Wow, something has happened to our beloved show. Think back too season 1. Twilight Sparkle and her friends sent friendship letters too Princess Celestia; Every episode had a moral.

Now Too season 2. After Lesson Zero, the ponies didn't always send friendship letters too Celestia.

Season 3, with only 13 episode Twilight Sparkle got wings, and the mane six discovered the Crystal Empire.

4th season, Wow. Got rid of elements for tree of harmony, found six keys too defeat Lord Tirek, and Twilight's Home, the golden oak library was blown up and replaced with a shiny new castle.

And this season is not done but this is what has happened so far in season 5. Discovered Cutie Map, CMC got there cutie marks:), and Cadance and Shining Armour announced that they are having a foal. So much has happened in each season that this is maybe one reason so many people are bronies or pegasisters. They show something that will just make you explode with happyness each episode with brand new things that happen. What do u think? What was your favorite season? Did u like Friendship Games? Tell me your thoughts!

Fellow Pony Lover,