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    The Mane Six have sang a bunch of songs such as Flawless, Best Friends Until the End of Time, Friends Are Always There For You and so on. Don't forget to post a comment about why do you like that singing voice from the Mane Six. Rebecca Shoichet is the singing voice of Twilight, Shannon Chan-Kent is the singing voice of Pinkie Pie and Kazumi Evans is the singing voice of Rarity.

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  • IsmaelandLuigi21

    I saw a glitch during May the Best Pet Win in which there is a dialogue free in it for a few minutes. Then, it shows a bit of Cake Boss and it shows Celestial Advice. I think the channel is having a problem or something.

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    As we know that they are a lot of announcers on Discovery Family (previously known as the Hub Network). Some of the characters did the promos for new episodes of My Little Pony such as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Some other announcers such as Townsend Coleman best known as the voice of Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Josh Keaton best known as the voice of Spider-Man also did the promos for My Little Pony as well. Tell me what your favorite announcer from Discovery Family (previously known as the Hub Network).

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    As I heard that there's a new promo for season 7 on Discovery Family earlier. I'm not sure if one of the mane six was the voiceover in it. I was thinking that the voiceover for the promo would be Townsend Coleman since he haven't been doing promos on Discovery Family for a long time. The short and extended version of the promo were uploaded recently.

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    I know that Travis Hicks haven't watched My Little Pony on TV since he doesn't have a cable. Here are the grades for all the episodes including Equestria Girls movies and specials.

    1. Friendship is Magic, part 1: A+
    2. Friendship is Magic, Part 2: A+
    3. The Ticket Master: A+
    4. Applebuck Season: A+
    5. Griffon the Brush Off: B+
    6. Boast Busters: A+
    7. Dragonshy: A+
    8. Look Before You Sleep: A+
    9. Bridle Gossip: A+
    10. Winter Wrap Up: A+
    11. Call of the Cutie: A+
    12. Fall Weather Friends: A+
    13. Suited For Success: A+
    14. Feeling Pinkie Keen: A+
    15. Sonic Rainboom: A+
    16. Stare Master: A+
    17. The Show Stoppers: A+
    18. A Dog and Pony Show: A+
    19. Green Isn't Your Color: A+
    20. Over a Barrel: A+
    21. A Bird in the Hoof: A+
    22. The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A+
    23. Owl's Well That Ends Well: C
    24. Party of One: A+
    25. The Best Night Ever: A+

    1. The Return of Harmony…

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