As I heard that Season 8 is coming next year, here are my predictions and ideas for Season 8.

  1. Starlight Glimmer becomes a princess
  2. Mare Do Well returns
  3. Rarity loses her job
  4. Another Applewood Derby episode
  5. Starlight Glimmer's first Nightmare Night
  6. Rainbow Dash adopts Scootaloo
  7. Photo Finish loses her sunglasses with Kazumi Evans doing a singing voice of her and seeing her cutie mark for the first time
  8. An episode with the Mane 6's pets talking
  9. The Mane 6 meets Discord's family
  10. Thorax babysits Flurry Heart
  11. Cutie Mark Crusaders lost in Las Pegasus
  12. Coco Pommel returns
  13. Maud Pie works at the Sugarcube Corner
  14. An episode with Vinyl Scratch talking for the first time
  15. The Pony Tones returns
  16. A crossover episode with Family Game Night
  17. Applejack grows a beanstalk
  18. Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles returns
  19. Apple Bloom lost her bow
  20. The Mane 6 stranded at the island
  21. A sequel to Feeling Pinkie Keen
  22. Starlight Glimmer visits Manehattan
  23. Applejack enters the rodeo contest
  24. Twilight takes a day off
  25. Pinkie Pie's family reunion
  26. Starlight and Sunburst's wedding
I hope you like my predictions and ideas for Season 8.