• ItsCharlooloo

    Alicorn Origins

    December 24, 2015 by ItsCharlooloo

    The titans of Equis ruled peacefully, embracing nature and it`s beauty. The titans were Scales of Pure Lazuli, Fires of Tartarus, Storms of Golden Rain, Petals of Cherry Blossoms and Stars of Midnight Skies. Few ordinary ponies roamed the Great Plains, where all ponies lived. Only a few unicorns and pegasi existed and those few were leaders.. They gave their souls to an ordinary pony whose name was Gold Lily. Gold Lily was trusted by Scales of Pure Lazuli, a thirteen headed leviathan because she saved her. Gold Lily was also a smart, athletic and friendly pony. When she found her best friend, Summer Rain, she adopted her and co-ruled the Forest of Life, now known as the Everfree Forest, together. When Moonsilver, Summer Rain`s brother, met…

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