Power Puff Ponies

Staring Applebloom, Sweetiebell, and Scootaloo

The Cutiemark Crusaders are at it again. Now they're think they can get their cutiemarks by being sciencist by the help of Twilight Sparkle. As they were being their old corky selves, they accendently drank a potion, which they thought it was fruit punch. As Twilight races up and down in her library to find an antidote, and fear the potion might be fatal. The Cutiemark Crusaders dismiss it, and feel absolutely fine. But it did had a  funny after taste though. They went on their merry way. As the day go by, the girls had nothing to do but set around and do nothing. Untill Applejack came around and suggest to play the old fashion of tag. They shrugged, and go ahead and take the suggestion. For quite sometime they play like little fillies, untill the score mattered. The girls experence superpowers and the game got out of control. Went straight to ponyville. As the town was getting destoried, Princess Celestia was at ponyville to try out Mr. and Mrs. Cake's oh so scurmishes strawberry chocolate cake that she was dying to wait. Before she can take her first bit the girls crash into the store. Knock everyone out even Celestia that never eat her cake. be contine. (I'm having a writer blog)