• JVJ

    Since the Season 5 premier, the Cutie Map has been used as a plot device in the MLP series where characters are summoned to deal with friendship problems.  A list of characters who have not but should:

    Students at the School of Friendship


    Dragons other than Spike


    Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence

    Shining Armor



    Daring Do


    Iron Will or some other Minotaur

    Zacora or another Zebra

    Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops

    Crystal Ponies

    Moon Dancer

    Zephyr Breeze

    Songbird Seranade

    The Parents of the Mane 6

    Countess Coloratura

    Big Mac

    Granny Smith

    Flurry Heart (though she doesn't have a cutie mark, maybe her horn flashes).

    Star Swirl the Beared and/or other Pillars of Equestria


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  • JVJ

    Imagine a MLP episode where Derpy is called by the Cutie Map to Cloudsdale (as well as Twilight Sparkle) where Derpy's younger fraternal twin siblings (a brother and sister) are at Summer Flight Camp and are both mocked because they are the only young ponies at Flight Camp not to have cutie marks.

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  • JVJ

    I have presumed the original homeland of the MLP ponies was to the west of present-day Equestria, between the North Luna Ocean and the South Luna Ocean (see the official MLP map from 2015).

    I presume that Alicorns ruled (and still rule) the original pony homeland as the Alicorn Kingdom.

    I assume that 2000 years before the beginning of the series, a large population of Earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, crystal ponies, and bat ponies fled the Alicorn Kingdom and migrated eastward into present-day Equestria.

    Entering into what was to become Equestria, the ponies stumbled into what was then griffon territory. Under pressure fron the griffons, the crystal ponies fled into the far north and formed the Crystal Empire. The other ponies fled further e…

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  • JVJ

    Bat Ponies

    February 19, 2018 by JVJ

    Bat ponies only appeared in the show in the second season episode Luna Eclipsed as royal guards for Princess Luna.

    Where in Equestria do Bat ponies live?  Maybe in caves and mountains, and seldom in urban areas.

    Are they considered a separate pony race, or a subspecies of pegasus?

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  • JVJ

    When was the biggest turning point of the current version of My Little Pony?

    My answer is the Season 3 finale Magical Mystery Cure, when Princess Celestia turned Twilight Sparkle from a unicorn into an alicorn.

    This is probably the logical answer to the question, since "Twily" is the most important MLP character.

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