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  • JWR832

    Two Angels

    December 26, 2012 by JWR832

    So everybody knows Fluttershy's bunny Angel? Well, there are two of her. They both look exactly alike, however their personalities are very different. One of them is a mean and self-centered arsehole, and the other one is rather kind and caring. Since they look the same, Fluttershy can't tell them apart, and they are both named Angel. This would explain why Angel's personality is so inconsistent from appearance to appearance. 

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  • JWR832


    December 19, 2012 by JWR832

    GUISE...what if Applejack's design was based off the cereal Apple Jacks. Of course there's the name first, but then if you think about it, she's orange-ish and has green eyes, and the cereal pieces were orange-ish and green. Like, what the hell. And if that's not enough mindrape for you, the girl who voices Applejack and Rainbow Dash ALSO voices Susan Test on Johnny Test. My life is a conspiracy for God's sake..

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