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  • Jackleapp

    Old Concepts

    March 21, 2012 by Jackleapp

    As you may know Lauren and the Team usually had some other ideas for the show, like Rainbows first Cutie mark or the Pegasus Pinkie.

    So what do you think about these ideas and how would the show change with them?

    Would it be better or worse?

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  • Jackleapp

    During the last episode fluttershy has changed alot to get less shy and more assertive. So I have wondered: who is your favorite for now?

    The old quiet pushover Fluttershy or the new rude assertive fluttershy?

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  • Jackleapp

    Do you remember the first episode you watched and how you felt about the show? How was that feeling and how did you hide it from other people? Did you hide it anyways?

    In this Blog I wanna know how your first days with mlp had been. If they were just usual buisness or if it may was emberassing to watch the show.

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  • Jackleapp

    How do you "enjoy" mlp?

    February 6, 2012 by Jackleapp

    It's Saturday again and you all know what that means :3

    For every Episode I get some snacks ready lock the door go offline everywhere and just got time for mlp and nothing else.

    How are you watching the new episodes? Is it something special for you?

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  • Jackleapp


    I have wondered: as Hasbro allready knows their big crowd of mlp, older than 6years and mainly male would they still produce it for the primary audience?

    Isn't there much more profit in the new viewers age?

    Please tell me where you think they are directing the show.

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