• Jake8765

    Note: This fanfic is purely fan-based, featured fan-named characters, with a plot based upon the 141st episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tapestry, along with MLP:FiM episode 46, It's About Time.

    This fanfic will include the following characters:

    • Rainbow Dash- Main protagonist
    • Doctor Whooves- Deuteragonist
    • Derpy Hooves- Tritagonist
    • Discord- Anti-hero, Secondary Deuteragonist
    • Twilight Sparkle- Supporting character
    • Fluttershy- Minor character
    • Applejack- Minor character
    • Rarity- Minor character
    • Pinkie Pie- Supporting character
    • Gilda- Minor character
    • Darkness Flash- Main Antagonist, an exact opposite to Rainbow Dash.

    Not much can be given, but there are many spoilers I can provide.

    1. When something from Rainbow Dash's past endangers all of Equestria, s…

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  • Jake8765

    Rainbow Dash Fanatic

    February 14, 2012 by Jake8765

    Rainbow Dash is known by all fans for her tomboyish nature, her flaws, her positives, and her awesomeness.

    Her cyan blue skin, coupled with her rainbow-colored mane, and her hot pink eyes, she's a living beauty.

    1. Her brashness, cocky attitude, and self-rightousness. Best shown in The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Rainbow Dash becomes very cocky and braggy after helping people. But she learns to live with grace and humility from her friends.

    Her anger directed at Fluttershy. Best shown in Dragonshy, Rainbow Dash is constantly short with Fluttershy's timid nature. However, she gets along with her well in May the Best Pet Win!. Her attitude improves majorly in Hurricane Fluttershy, even shown by her hugging Fluttershy when she congratulates her.

    1. Her…

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  • Jake8765

    Star Ponies is a work-in-progress fanfic idea inspired by the Star Wars original trilogy. The original idea was suggested to him by fellow user Derp Muffin. The fanfic itself will consist of the storylines of movies 'A New Hope', 'The Empire Strikes Back', and 'The Return of the Jedi'. The names of certain planets are copyright from another brony's fanfiction, a link to the fanfic can be viewed here.

    • Rainbow- Luke Skywalker
    • Twilight- Princess Leia
    • Applejack- Han Solo
    • Rarity- C3P0
    • Spike- R2D2
    • Pinkie- Emperor
    • Fluttershy- Chewbacca
    • Big Macintosh- Darth Vader/ [formerly Anakan Skywalker]
    • Trixie- Lando
    • Gilda- Boba Fett
    • Discord- The Sarlac, Rancor monster
    • Derpy Hooves- Jabba the Hutt
    • Princess Celesti…

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