Doctor Whooves and the Pegasi: Temporal Discord
FANMADE Rainbow Dash vs DF

Rainbow Dash versus her Reverse world opposite, Darkness Flash.

Note: This fanfic is purely fan-based, featured fan-named characters, with a plot based upon the 141st episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tapestry, along with MLP:FiM episode 46, It's About Time.

This fanfic will include the following characters:

  • Rainbow Dash- Main protagonist
  • Doctor Whooves- Deuteragonist
  • Derpy Hooves- Tritagonist
  • Discord- Anti-hero, Secondary Deuteragonist
  • Twilight Sparkle- Supporting character
  • Fluttershy- Minor character
  • Applejack- Minor character
  • Rarity- Minor character
  • Pinkie Pie- Supporting character
  • Gilda- Minor character
  • Darkness Flash- Main Antagonist, an exact opposite to Rainbow Dash.


Not much can be given, but there are many spoilers I can provide.

  1. When something from Rainbow Dash's past endangers all of Equestria, she teams up with Dr.Whooves and Derpy, the Time Traveling Duo, to go into her past to prevent the impending disaster,
  2. Discord will be freed from his stone prison, and will try to stop them. However, when Discord realizes that he too, will be destroyed by the disaster, he joins them.
  3. Rainbow Dash will go hoof to hoof with her reverse world counterpart, Darkness Flash, a temporal stallion who is bent on stopping the four of them. He is the Reverse Equestria version of Rainbow Dash.
  4. Rainbow Dash throws Darkness into the time anomaly he arrived in, destroying herself and Darkness Flash in the process.
  5. She will meet Discord in the Afterlife, who in a rare moment, finds Rainbow's deed to be loyal and courageous, and will give her life back to her.
  6. The four of them will travel across the time stream to several locations of Dash's life, such as the day of her birth, the day she received her cutie mark, and a certain day in Junior Speedsters School.

References to pop cuture

  • Doctor Who: The element of time-travel, Doctor Whooves character being based around Dr. Who.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Afterlife scene will be highly similar to the afterlife scene in episode 141, Tapestry. Discord, in this scene, will play the role exactly like Q did. Rainbow Dash will also go back in time to fix a moment in her life, similar to what Picard did.