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Who loves Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash is known by all fans for her tomboyish nature, her flaws, her positives, and her awesomeness.

Her cyan blue skin, coupled with her rainbow-colored mane, and her hot pink eyes, she's a living beauty.


  1. No issues with Applejack S02E03

    Why do you critize me?

    Her brashness, cocky attitude, and self-rightousness. Best shown in The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Rainbow Dash becomes very cocky and braggy after helping people. But she learns to live with grace and humility from her friends.

Her anger directed at Fluttershy. Best shown in Dragonshy, Rainbow Dash is constantly short with Fluttershy's timid nature. However, she gets along with her well in May the Best Pet Win!. Her attitude improves majorly in Hurricane Fluttershy, even shown by her hugging Fluttershy when she congratulates her.

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Positive aspects

1. Her occasional cuteness. She isn't known well for this, but she on occasion has quick bursts of cuteness. Shown in Best Night Ever, Sonic Rainboom, and Applebuck Season.

2. Her speed, agility, and strength. She is able to beat Applejack in a hoof-wrestle, succeed in many Iron Pony contests, and keep up with her in the race, all in Fall Weather Friends.


Rainbow Dash has been critizised for her flaws heavily, but it's the flaws themselves that gives a character a personality. Without flaws, she wouldn't nearly be as interesting. It may be true that her personality has changed slightly in season 2, for example, compare Rainbow in Griffon the Brush-Off and her in The Mysterious Mare Do Well, but we all know change is inevitable.

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Rainbow Dash - Love Me or Hate Me