I have yet another game for you guys! (:D)

Here's how you play:

The first person to comment on this blog must create a sentence (about MLP, of course) starting with the letter A.

The next person to comment will have to use B.

The next person after that would use C, and so on.

EDIT: Since most of you aren't following the rules, I've decided that you can talk about whatever you want! (yay)

Example: Applejack is best pony.

Babs Seed is much better.

Carrot Top is best background pony!

... and so on.

When (or if) it gets to Z, you would start over from A and repeat the process.

Have fun!

P.S.: It's OK if you get ninja'd. (lol)

EDIT: OMG guys, this blog has over 1000 comments! This is the highest number of comments I've seen on a blog! I never thought this little idea I had would've gotten this many comments... (wub)