I know that alot of bronies are rageing about EG right now, but i happen to like these humanized ponies. I just wonder what might become of the film when it comes out. I love how its looking so far, i think Hasbro is going all out on this one like they do to MLP. So, i altered the song "This Day Aria" of being a weding to a song of Sunset Shimmer wanting the crown to use for power and Twilight wanting to get it back before Equestria falls to its knees. So, i hope you like it!


This day is going to be perfect

The kind of day of which i dreamed since i was small.

Everyone will gather round

say i look lovely in my crown

What they don't know is that i have fooled them all!

This day was going to be perfect

The kind of day of which i dreamed since i was small

But instead of wearing my crown

And become princess all around

Equestria might meet it's downfall.

I could care less about the dress

I won't partake in any cake

Vows, i'll be lying when i say

That through any kind of weather

i want us to be together

The truth is i don't care for them at all!

No, i do not care for them

in my heart they're like a stem.

But i still want her to be all mine!

We must escape before it's too late

Find a way to save the day

hope, i'll be lying if i say

I don't fear i might lose it

to one who wants to use it

Not use it for peace and harmony!

For i also care for them

oh my thoughts, they do contem

Oh Equestria, your princess isn't done yet!

Finally the moment has arrived

for me to be one lucky girl.

Oh, the prom we won't make

They'll end up crowning a fake

Equestria will be.....

Mine, all mine!