Jason Byrne

aka jason

  • I live in Manchester , Bolton
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is collage
  • I am male
  • Jason Byrne

    Hi my name is jason and this video will explain all in the clan its about 5 muinets long :) .

    Info : this is a blog to give people a connection online to

    other brony's. this is my clan that i have made via this wiki's chat. the people allready in the clan are :

    fade2BLACK, kinglazy93, xfiles and me we are all in the chat most of the time.

    I am defanatly on the wiki at these date and times.

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  • Jason Byrne

    I tried a quiz on the hasbro mlp fim games page and it was to see witch carecter your most likely to be like, my outcome is below try it the link is below aswell.

    Here's the link :)

    enjoy from your friend jaso byrne :P

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