I don't know about you, but I am totally ready to bid 2016 a very hearty goodbye and good riddance. Let's face it, with all the celebrity deaths, the Orlando shooting, the Brexit, and the big orange guy who was the subject of one of 2013's Comedy Central Roasts becoming the next President of the United States... as well as a hit-and-miss season of MLP and an equally so-so EqG film, I just want 2017 to start just so we can stop talking about how fakakta 2016 was. I really tried to be optimistic about this year, especially with the Cubs winning the world series, the very first female Presidential candidate, and a very awesome and relevant Disney movie (Zootopia), but then stuff kept happening that reminded me how awful this year has been, especially within the past week with the deaths of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds.

So I bid 2016 a rather exuberant sayonara! #andthehorseyourodeinon