Hey guys. It's Jazzymac. Listen everypony, I've always loved Friendship is magic, Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks (Can't wait to the the Friendship Games). Anyway I a super, crazy tottaly out of this world dream I've ALWAYS attempted to do and That's be the voice of my MLP Original Character "JUKEBOX JAMES". I'll just give you a short explaination of what his lifes like. First off, He was born in the mirror world with his brother Emerald storm and his baby sister Alexis Blade. He used to kicked around and teased alot because he's "Half-Spider" (He learned his spider powers from watching Peter Parker one day). Growing up and attending Canterlot High (Where he met the Rainbooms), he was hard working janitor makig $60 an hour but due to his father's attitude, He moved to Equestria and started living on his own (He actually tripped, the fell into a portal then bumped into Trixie on the way out and she was not happy and cursed him with a klutz spell). During his time, He learned magic from Twilight Sparkle and Solar Power from Princess Celestia. After a harsh battle with Trixie, nearly dying (BUT SURVIVED. He tends to faint or pass out after shocking moments or harsh battles but he always, ALWAYS gets back on his hoofs) and Reforming The Dazzlings, Princess Celestia Granted him the honnor as THE ELEMENT OF FORGIVENESS which makes him an Element Of Harmony. 

That's my short story of my character if you have some Questions about it, "Where did he work?" Why he has a watch" "What Makes him half spider" anything, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks ;)

SPOILER ALERT: He's Married to Sonata Dusk and they both have a baby daughter named Alexis Blade Jr. (Named after Jukebox James's sister)

FANMADE Jazzymac's OC With Official Cutie Mark No Glasses

Jukebox James