Hi Everypony! I'm new to all this Wikia stuff, and it is confusing. There are buttons and stuff all over the place! I can't drag and drop as much as I'd like to.

Anyways, I like MLP Friendship Is Magic, and I am trying to collect all the episodes on my DVR. (Just gotta wait til HUB shows them, and thennnn.... I got em!) I can watch MLP all DAY! It's way better than a lot of stuff on TV these days. I swear, yesterday, I tried just watching anything that was on, and of course with like... a thousand channels you would think there would be something good on???

But Nooo. It's 99 percent junk. Bleh. I mean, I don't watch the news at all anymore, because it's all so HORRIBLE! Rapes and murders, shooting and stabbings and killings and molestings and criminals, BLEH! What are they trying to DO to us? I would swear they are trying to de-humanize us. But what do I know, I only have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. But yeah, yesterday, there was nothing but shows about cop chases, where the cops shot the people.... a lot. And those "Caught on Camera" shows with lots of violence and fighting, and then a Courtroom Attacks show (*sigh*). THEN, I changed channels and there was a show about a haunted house or something and the teenage daughters were getting demon possessed or whatever and I was like "How... does a TRAILER get haunted? It's not even a HOUSE, it's a TRAILER!! On WHEELS. It's a freaking VEHICLE that requires a liscense tag as long as you keep the axles on it.

  • sigh*, okay, I'll reign in the ranting a little here... SO, that's why I like MLP, and other silly cartoons. It's SUPPOSED to be silly and made up. Not like the "news" and everything else which is silly and made up, yet they tell us it's "reality" (whatever that means). Bleh. It's like people are so hopeless these days, because they like can't breathe without watching television to see "what's real". But it's not. It's all lies. And we don't have anything to believe in anymore.

Except we actually do. And it took a silly little "girly" cartoon to remind so many of us. We still have each other! Even if our governments fail us, and religions fail us, and the military fails us, and greedy bankers fail us, we still have each other. We can believe in each other, our friends. And I know it sounds totally corny, but it's true. All we really have us friends and family to believe in. Otherwise, why stick around? Why even be here? It's our friends and family that give us a reason to be here, and that makes the planet into a "world" that we can live in, and all the nonsense made-up stuff like time, math, science, art, all those things that aren't really real, suddenly become so real to us, that to many people, they form the cornerstones of their very reality. Call their beliefs into question, and you can hurt them emotionally. So, as you can see Friendship really is Magic. But you have to be responsible with that knowledge. It can literally let you change the world.

Besides, this cartoon is the funniest darn thing I've seen in a long time!
Applejack holds a flag S1E11

Friendship gets things done!