• Jennings1970

    Horseshoe Bay is a body of water located on the official map of Equestria, on the western shore of the Celestia Sea.

    Here's my spin on the history of the Horseshoe Bay Area and Twilight Sparkle's family's history.

    Shortly after Celestia and Luna were crowned joint princesses of of Equestria by Star Swirl the Bearded, the mother of the two Alicorns, the Lady Baltimare, was granted personal authority over the entire Horseshoe Bay.

    Lady Baltimare founded the city of Baltimare (see the map of Equestria) on the northern shore of the Horseshoe Bay, and in the following years other communities were founded elsewhere on the shore of the same bay.

    Lady Baltimare ruled as Mayor of Baltimare from the city of Baltimare, which became the political capital …

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  • Jennings1970

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, the latest version of Hasbro's MLP franchise, already has Equestria Girls as a spinoff franchise.

    The MLP:FIM television series, toy line, comic books, etc.

    Now, today, on, I saw that Hasbro is releasing yet ANOTHER MLP:Friendship is Magic spinoff franchise: My Little Pony Guardians of Equestria.

    Hasbro has already announced a toy line and comic book series.

    Could a new television series be around the corner?

    The new MLP spinoff franchise is actually named "Guardians of Harmony".

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  • Jennings1970

    The official map of Equestria features a body of water called Horseshoe Bay, which includes a city named Baltimare.

    However, there are apparent inconsistencies, as books featuring Daring Do and Princess Celestia, as well as comic books titled "Friendship Ahoy My Little Pirate" seem to imply there is a city or town named Horseshoe Bay.

    The chapter book starring Celestia mentions a mayor of Horseshoe Bay.

    Does that mean the Horseshoe Bay Area includes a Horseshoe Bay City as well as a city named Baltimare?

    Will MLP Friendship is Magic season 6 feature an episode pitting Baltimare and Horseshoe Bay City as rivals fighting for control of the Horseshoe Bay at large? Where the cutie map calls for the Mane Six led by the Princess of Friendship to st…

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  • Jennings1970

    When they say Princesses Celestia and Luna raise the sun and moon, respectively, what they really mean is that the royal sisters use their Alicorn magic to rotate the ponies' home planet (called Pony World) on it's axis.

    Pony World's moon is called Pony Moon, of course.

    Pony World's sun is classified as any other star, officially called the Pony Sun or simply the Sun unofficially. Pony Moon orbits Pony World. Pony World orbits the Pony Sun.

    Pony World must be located in a solar system with other planets, which likely have their own moons, as well as asteroids, possibly an asteroid belt or two, and comets which have frozen asteroids as a nucleus.

    When you view Canterlot from the outside on the show, you can see at least two observatories with…

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  • Jennings1970

    I cannot wait for season Six of MLP:Friendship is Magic.

    New characters (and possibly a new major villain)!

    New episodes (26 for this season)!

    The "Explore Equestria" theme (see!

    And here's my little educated guess: the three pony tribes, before they moved to present-day Equestria and founded the great United Pony Nation, their original homeland was the Gritish Isles (see the official map released in 2015).

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