The official map of Equestria features a body of water called Horseshoe Bay, which includes a city named Baltimare.

However, there are apparent inconsistencies, as books featuring Daring Do and Princess Celestia, as well as comic books titled "Friendship Ahoy My Little Pirate" seem to imply there is a city or town named Horseshoe Bay.

The chapter book starring Celestia mentions a mayor of Horseshoe Bay.

Does that mean the Horseshoe Bay Area includes a Horseshoe Bay City as well as a city named Baltimare?

Will MLP Friendship is Magic season 6 feature an episode pitting Baltimare and Horseshoe Bay City as rivals fighting for control of the Horseshoe Bay at large? Where the cutie map calls for the Mane Six led by the Princess of Friendship to stop a potential war between the two cities?

The map of Equestria seems to imply Baltimare is on the northern shore of the Horseshoe Bay. That would very likely place Horseshoe Bay City on the southern shore of the bay, in the area between the Horseshoe Bay and the Hayseed Swamps.