Chapter 1: Fluttershy and Bashful

In Ponyville, Fluttershy was wandering around finding animals when she saw something under a big leaf. "Who is that?" she asked as she walked to the leaf and lifted it up and there was a small, shy dwarf being scared. "Go away," he shouted while shivering and mumbling at the same time. "I'm Fluttershy," introduced Fluttershy "I'm a shy pagasus who loves animals.", "I'm Bashful," the dwarf introduced back "I'm a shy dwarf who hides behind some objects or some people.", "You want to come to my place?" asked Fluttershy "I'll love too!" cried Bashful very delighted and he walked with Fluttershy to her cottage. At Fluttershy's cottage, she introduced Bashful to her animals. "Bashful, this is Angel, my pet bunny..." she continued as Bashful interupted her. "Wait," he cried "Do your other animals have other names?" Fluttershy looked puzzled to Bashful's question "Of course they do," she confessed as Bashful grabbed her hoof and he followed her to the kitchen. "Fluttershy, you should feed your animals something," he progressed "They might be hungry if you don't feed them." Fluttershy got an idea "You're right," she cried very surprised "I'll feed my animals some vegetables so they'll have healthy energies." she grabbed some bowls and mixed some vegetables and gave them to her animals and Angel kissed Fluttershy thank you for feeding them. "You're truely welcome, my animal friends." she said very polite and she winked at Bashful and he winked at her back and gave her a thumbs up. "Hey, Fluttershy," Bashful continued with a question "How many animals do you have anyway?" Fluttershy glanced at all of her animals and counted in her mind, "I have 53 animals, Bashful." she answered as Bashful's jaw dropped all the way to the floor, "53 animals is way too many animals you can have, Fluttershy!" he yelled out "I rode a bull one time and I became The Big Bash, my superhero altert ego." Fluttershy opened the door "Come on," she said "Let's see your altert ego." she and Bashful walked out the door so Bashful can show Fluttershy his altert ego The Big Bash and his bull.

End of Chapter 1

This will be a long chapter: Fluttershy and Bashful are having fun together and Fluttershy wants to see Bashful transform into his superhero altert ego The Big Bash while riding on his bull. Bashful and Fluttershy will have a lot more fun in Chapter 1: Fluttershy and Bashful (part 2) but it's only on Fanfiction or on some other website or whatever!