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  • Jojowerid

    Lets start off simply here. Rarity's element is the Element of Generosity, right? And Generosity can have it's ups and downs. A downside of this is proven in the limited knowledge that we know (As of the second of January, 2014) of the episode Rarity Takes Manehattan. It is proven in the episode's summary from AT&T U-verse:

    "Rarity’s love for fashion takes her to Manehattan for Fashion Week, but her excitement is soon diminished by a fellow designer, who has decided to take advantage of her generous nature and pass off her design ideas as their own."

    The words take advantage of her generous nature are the key words in the sentence. Generosity is an element of someponies that is very easily taken advantage of. If you're reading this after the a…

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  • Jojowerid

    Ban the above user

    December 23, 2013 by Jojowerid

    Hello, everypony!

    Today we're gonna play a game! In the comments below, I'm gonna say something! Then the next person who comments has to ban me for some reason. State why you're banning me, and yeah! Then it goes on! But don't say anything other than the reason you're banning them! 3, 2, 1...........


    Ps: Inspired By Electric Scootaloo

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  • Jojowerid

    Quastons and Ansas

    December 15, 2013 by Jojowerid


    I know I spelt the title wrong. I wanted to do it that way. Welcome to Quastons and Ansas.

    You ask me a question, and I answer.

    Lets go through questions that you DON'T need to ask me, 'cause I'll answer them right now. 1. How did you get into MLP? My sister introduced me, and the first episode I ever watched wasn't an episode. It was Equestria Girls. 2. What pony are you? For the quiz on this website, Twilight. For the Bronyland Pony Personality Test, Rainbow Dash. 3. Do you play Minecraft? YES. 4. How were you introduced to Minecraft? By kids at SKOOL. 5. What is the Ultimate Answer [to Life, the Universe, and Everything]? FORTY TWO. 6. What is the Ultimate Question [to Life, the Universe, and Everything]? 6 times 9 in base 13. Googl…

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  • Jojowerid

    What do you think?

    December 14, 2013 by Jojowerid

    Hey Bronies and PegaSistas! (Is it PegaSistas, or PegaSisters?)

    I am jojowerid, and this is the first time I have done a blog post.

    I'm asking you all a question. I'm thinking of changing my name to Princess Staritanna. (Princess Staritanna is MOLP (My Own Little Pony, so my own mlp pony) ) Write yes or no in the comments down below and on boxing day I'll count 'em up.

    As usual, majority rules. See ya!

    Staritanna asks answers and talks (talk) 07:28, December 14, 2013 (UTC)

    (Do signatures work on posts?)

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  • Jojowerid


    November 12, 2013 by Jojowerid

    Today, November 12th 2013, a very rude somepony took down a large edit that I made on the Queen Chrysalis Gallery. I believe that this should not have been taken down, and that EVERYPONY should have a chance to let their edit reach the entire world of Wikia. More on this later.

    I got a message after that and it was saying that I uploaded it correctly. Please forget my rant.

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