I know I spelt the title wrong. I wanted to do it that way. Welcome to Quastons and Ansas.

You ask me a question, and I answer.

Lets go through questions that you DON'T need to ask me, 'cause I'll answer them right now. 1. How did you get into MLP? My sister introduced me, and the first episode I ever watched wasn't an episode. It was Equestria Girls. 2. What pony are you? For the quiz on this website, Twilight. For the Bronyland Pony Personality Test, Rainbow Dash. 3. Do you play Minecraft? YES. 4. How were you introduced to Minecraft? By kids at SKOOL. 5. What is the Ultimate Answer [to Life, the Universe, and Everything]? FORTY TWO. 6. What is the Ultimate Question [to Life, the Universe, and Everything]? 6 times 9 in base 13. Google it.

FANMADE Jojowerid Pony Personality test

Tie between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. I personally think Pinkie was closer

And JSYK (Just so you know) , I am NOT answering any personal questions, like how old are you, or what is your phone number.   Staritanna asks answers and talks (talk) 04:19, December 15, 2013 (UTC)