Alright, I'm gonna make this brief. Some of you may or may not know about the new anime Space Dandy currently airing on adult swim's Toonami block in the US (and on Tokyo MX in Japan, if that Wikipedia article is to be believed), directed by Shinichirō Watanabe (who also directed, among other things, Cowboy Bebop) and animated by Studio Bones (I think they're probably best known here for Fullmetal Alchemist). But anyway, enough about that, I said I was going to be keeping it brief (my apologies).

What I wanted to bring up about Space Dandy is that, although it is a Japanese animated show (so, ostensibly, the Japanese version is the "original") new episodes air here in the US, on Toonami, in English, a day ahead of their airing in Japan, in Japanese (so basically, while the English version is the first version, the Japanese is the original).

Now you might be asking yourself what this has to do with FiM (or you might have figured out where I'm going with this). The central question of this blog (the so called "very interesting 'what if' situation") is What if new episodes of FiM aired in a different country, dubbed into that country's language, ahead of their being aired in English on the Hub Network? Now, there are many things that can be discussed, such as which language that would be, whether you'd like to see such a thing, or whether you think something like that could actually work. However, those are only three suggestions; don't let them limit you, feel free to discuss whatever you feel is relevant to the topic. Just remember to have fun with it! (:D) (and to note, just like I said above for Space Dandy, airing in a different language before English wouldn't take away the English version's status as "original", but it would take away its status as "first")