Alright, time for some senseless bragging recapping from me! Just yesterday, was a signing event at my local comic book store for issues 5-8, as well as micro series issue 1 (Amy Mebberson, Heather Nuhfer, and Thom Zahler were all there). One thing I remembered from the first event (with Katie Cook and Andy Price) was the absolutely massive wait - I arrived about an hour and a half late, and with the line, it took about three or four hours to reach the front (so worth it, though). This time, I was determined to arrive on time, at 1 PM PDT (which I did, in fact - just barely, though, lol)

The arrival

One thing I noticed immediately upon arrival was how much shorter the line was this time around. And, in fact, after me, only about 1 or 2 people showed up (at least, while the line stretched outside of the shop; some people showed up at a much later time). I struck up a conversation with a guy in front of me pretty quickly (one thing I've enjoyed about the bronies I've met at these things is that they're really easy to talk to, even though I don't normally find talking to people I don't know IRL easy at all). Pretty soon, I had also struck up a conversation with the people behind me; just general stuff, about conventions, art, that sort of thing. It was cool. I also noticed that the DJ was inside this time (I remember him being set up outside last time).

The signing

Eventually, after passing the time with more conversation, I finally reached the front. Ms. Mebberson was the first person available to sign (I should also mention - she has a really neat accent). I also purchased this really awesome hand drawn Princess Celestia cover for $30 (hey, it's one of a kind, I think $30 is practically a steal, haha); an image of it can be seen below. It was also signed by Ms. Nuhfer (and I think maybe Ms. Mebberson too; I can't exactly tell) because, if I recall correctly, Ms. Nuhfer drew it (at least, that's what I heard; I'm honestly not quite sure, haha).

Then, I got issue 1 of the Micro-Series signed by Thom Zahler; he had some pencil sketches of different pages of the comic available, but honestly, I wasn't interested. Instead, I waited a little while, got back in line, so I could purchase a sketch from Ms. Mebberson for $10. I flipped through the binder of available sketches a couple times, before two caught my eye, and I knew I had to get one of them (unfortunately, I couldn't afford both of them). They were both based off Gravity Falls characters, a show I now consider myself a fan of, honestly. One was a Dipper pony (who doesn't appear in issue 5) and the other was a Mabel pony (she appears in issue 5 under the name of "Maybelle"). With that in mind, I decided to go with Dipper. Ms. Mebberson mentioned that she is also a fan of Gravity Falls, which I thought was cool. (The card image can be seen below)


Since the line had taken such a short time compared to the last time (it was only about an hour and a half this time) I decided to hang around, see what there was to see. During this time, I got quite a few comments on how cool my shirt was (I was wearing the Rainbow Dash shirt I won in a contest from Wikia; a picture of it will be included below). I mentioned how I won it in a contest, and also that I honestly didn't know if it was for sale anywhere.

I bought the boxset of covers for issue 1, as well as issue RI (the RI seemed to be a first printing, though the boxset was a second printing - oh well, what can you do; the only cover I had before was the Ghost Variant cover, which is an awesome cover, btw) to satisfy my compulsive need for completeness, haha.

Eventually, I started hanging out with this group of 5 or so; we just talked about general (brony) stuff, lol. We actually hung around so long, that most of the other people went home; so we actually got to have something of a conversation with Ms. Mebberson, Ms. Nuhfer, and Mr. Zahler; one of the guys mainly wanted to know what it was like to get into the comic industry, and I can't remember all that was said, but I remember that one of the more salient points was that self-publishing and self-promotion are key to getting noticed (and I also remember one of them mentioning that that's become a lot easier with the Internet, especially since apparently a lot of publishers look on dA for people that know what they're doing). Even though I'm no artist, and I'm not interested in getting into comics, I found it fascinating. (It was also at this point that I realized Ms. Mebberson had a Fluttershy slap bracelet similar to my Pinkie Pie one)

Honestly, after that, the group just sat outside and discussed fanfics, mainly (I brought up Past Sins, and how much I love that fic and Nyx); I think one of them said he read it and enjoyed it, and then another said he hadn't read it, but he'd only heard good things about it. Anyway, I also brought up how I really want to read Fallout: Equestria, but I just never have the time (due to its massive 650,000+ word count); we had a good laugh about the aforementioned word count, and how one of its spinoffs has an even larger word count (at least, that's what I'd heard). Finally, I brought up Antipodes, and heard what I'd been hearing from a lot of sources: the ending is quite disappointing (I still haven't finished that fic but I really, really want to at some point).

All in all, it was a really fun day, even better than the first signing, I thought.


Anyway, without further ado, I think it's time to show off showcase all the neat stuff I got!

The Celestia cover (aka the thing I'm the most proud of)
A shirt that I bought (awesome)
Both covers of issue 5 I got signed
Micro-Series issue 1, signed
My awesome contest-won t-shirt!
The Dipper pony card

Additionally, there was a guy there who had an awesome Doctor Whooves costume (complete with sonic screwdriver!); and he let me take some pictures of him, so I'll include those below for the sake of completeness, haha:

Pose 1, take 1
Pose 1, take 2
Pose 2 (really emphasizing the sonic screwdriver this time, lol)

Finally, there was a guy dressed up as Rainbow Dash, one as Scootaloo, and one as a humanized Discord (none of them were full body costumes, unlike Doctor Whooves), but I didn't get any pictures of them. Oh well.