The ratings are out of 10, this is a constant throughout the tables. For the color-coding system used by the ratings, see this page.
Additionally, episode numbers are listed by what number they aired as in the US, not by what they were produced as.
Below, in the ratings and note columns my opinions are contained; you are free to disagree with them (and even tell me so) as long as you do so in a civil manner. Oh, and don't try to tell me my opinions are "wrong" (that's a major pet peeve of mine); they're not objective fact, they are subjective opinion and therefore cannot be wrong.
Also, feel free to ask me why I rated each episode as I did, though not too much (I'm only one guy!)

Season one

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
Friendship is Magic, part 1119
Friendship is Magic, part 2229
The Ticket Master336
Applebuck Season446.5
Griffon the Brush Off555.5 I hate Gilda*
Boast Busters668 trrrrrrrrrrrixie!
Look Before You Sleep888
Bridle Gossip998.5
Swarm of the Century10107.5
Winter Wrap Up11116.5 Mostly due to the song
Call of the Cutie12127.1 Rating went up
Fall Weather Friends13134
Suited For Success14149
Feeling Pinkie Keen15156.7
Sonic Rainboom16169
Stare Master17178 Rating went up
The Show Stoppers18188 I love the CMC, even if it
doesn't always show up in the
ratings for their episodes
A Dog and Pony Show19198.5
Green Isn't Your Color20209
Over a Barrel21216.5
A Bird in the Hoof22229
The Cutie Mark Chronicles23239.5
Owl's Well That Ends Well24248
Party of One252510 Hooray for crazy Pinkie!
The Best Night Ever26267 Mostly due to the song

Season two

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
The Return of Harmony Part 112710 Discord is awesome
The Return of Harmony Part 222810
Lesson Zero32910 Hooray for crazy Twilight!
Luna Eclipsed4309 Luna's triumphant return
Sisterhooves Social5318
The Cutie Pox6327
May the Best Pet Win!7339
The Mysterious Mare Do Well8346.5 Mouse-over, please
Sweet and Elite9359
Secret of My Excess10369
Hearth's Warming Eve11378.25
Family Appreciation Day12388.75
Baby Cakes13399.3
The Last Roundup144010 Original; the edited version
gets an 8.5
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 600015418.5
Read It and Weep16429
Hearts and Hooves Day17439.9 Watching the leak was fun, lol
A Friend in Deed18448 Mostly due to the song
Putting Your Hoof Down19457.9 Honestly, this ep is like a reverse Hancock to me: craptastic first part, great second part
It's About Time204610
Dragon Quest21478
Hurricane Fluttershy224810 I love Rainbow Dash-Fluttershy
Ponyville Confidential23499
MMMystery on the Friendship Express24508 Rating went down
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1255110 The first episode to
"break the scale", so to speak

well, it was
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2265210 Contains easily the
best song of the series

Season three

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
The Crystal Empire - Part 11539 Rating went down; just didn't like them as much as I used to
The Crystal Empire - Part 22549 Sombra is a pretty crappy villain, though
Too Many Pinkie Pies3559 The first episode from
Dave Polsky that I enjoyed
One Bad Apple4569.5 Babs Seed was a nice addition
(the song was pretty great too)
Magic Duel5579.8 Trixie's triumphant return
Sleepless in Ponyville65810 I especially love Luna's role in the episode
Wonderbolts Academy7599.2 It was fun watching the leak, lol
Apple Family Reunion8608.9 The song's not all that great, but oh well
Spike at Your Service9616.9 Rating went down
Keep Calm and Flutter On10627.2 For having a premise written by a
15-year-old, it's pretty good
Just for Sidekicks11638.1 I love all the interactions in this one
Games Ponies Play12647 If only this one could've lived up to the previous episode
Magical Mystery Cure13659 I like this episode

Equestria Girls (limited theatrical release/TV) film(s)

Film title Number Rating Notes
My Little Pony Equestria Girls18 It was definitely enjoyable
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks29.5 Far and away a better movie than the first
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games39.3 Seemed as good as the second movie, though not quite as strong (but still pretty darn good, with some fantastic music)
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree49 I'll be honest - I was a little underwhelmed by the movie, and still don't like the romance aspect. However, everything else was pretty solid (the story of Gaea Everfree, Gloriosa having to save Camp Everfree from Filthy Rich and turning to the residual Elements, etc.)

Season four

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 11669.5 I dunno if it was just my warped mind, but this kinda seemed like a dirty episode to me
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 22679.5 Really loved Discord's role; glad to see he's still a troll, even if he's not an antagonist
Castle Mane-ia36810 About my only complaint was that there was no Bloody Tears soundalike background music
Daring Don't4699 The reveal that A.K. Yearling is actually Daring Do herself is a bit much to swallow, but other than that, really solid ep
Flight to the Finish5708.5 One of the sweeter episodes of the series; some of the humor was forced
Power Ponies67110 Oh man, the superhero send-up was a riot, though I was hoping for more "mane" puns from the Mane-iac. Ah well, ya win some, ya lose some
Bats!7728.8 Merriwether, you have officially redeemed yourself for your mediocrity in season two, in my eyes
Rarity Takes Manehattan8738 Lampshade Hanging is brilliant
Pinkie Apple Pie97410 There's just something about having a comedically unaware party that makes family squabbles so much funnier
Rainbow Falls10758.3 Not the best episode, but the triumphant return of Derpy was great
Three's a Crowd11769.5 Ah, now this was a fun episode; but then episodes with Discord tend to be
Pinkie Pride127710 Not that season four needed it, but Weird Al definitely provided a great injection of energy, which is always great
Simple Ways137810 Excellent; Tabitha and Ashleigh clearly had fun
Filli Vanilli147910 If not for Pinkie Pie, this would've been my new favorite of the season
Twilight Time158010 It certainly did not disappoint (Sweetie Belle using magic? Awesome!)
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies16818 Natasha Levinger continues to impress
Somepony to Watch Over Me17828.8 Very, very funny, but a bit too exaggerated at times
Maud Pie18839 It certainly was fun; deadpan humor from this show is rare, so it was even more of a treat
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils198410 Dream exploration is a great, great thing
Leap of Faith208510 It definitely was ^^
Testing Testing 1, 2, 3218610 I swear I'm not trying to inflate these ratings - I really do love these episodes that much
Trade Ya!22878 A little more schlocky at points, but really loved the parallel storylines thing
Inspiration Manifestation23889 Funny, definitely very funny (marshmelodrama is best melodrama)
Equestria Games24897.5 Wish there had been more focus on the games; oh well
Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1259011 Holy hell, what a great finale
Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2269111 What an improvement over Sombra Tirek was

Animated shorts

Short title Short pool Rating Notes
Music to My EarsRRP8 Kinda glad Vinyl didn't speak; fine for what it was
Guitar CenteredRRP8.5 Who knew Dash and Trixie could shred like that?
Hamstocalypse NowRRP8 Seeing this short almost reminds me of the time I was way into Hamtaro; must've been the hamsters
Pinkie on the OneRRP8.75 How perfect that Pinkie's a drummer; totally fits her personality
Player PianoRRP9 Definitely entertaining to watch Rarity get the Diamond Dog humans to carry her and her piano around
A Case for the BassRRP9 Somehow, human Flim and Flam ended up looking exactly like I expected them to
Shake your Tail!RRP7.5 It's alright, though not really anything special
Perfect Day for FunRRP7.5 Same as the above
Life is a RunwayRRE7 Some neat visuals but overall pretty bland
My Past is Not TodayRRE8.6 Some really good visuals (especially Sunset's phoenix transformation) and also a much more inspired song
Friendship Through the AgesRRE8.2 I didn't really remember it, but it was actually better than I was expecting (also, lol, the beginning piano chords kind of reminded me of Blumenkranz)
The Science of MagicFG9 Science and magic collide - and what a collision it is, haha! (I especially liked the Rainbow goop in the isolation booth with Sunset at the end - and it's also a good setup for one of the key plotlines of the movie)
Pinkie SpyFG8.9 Pinkie's antics are entertaining as ever, and seeing her consistently messing up Rainbow's efforts to spy on Crystal Prep was both incredibly funny and cringeworthy
All's Fair in Love & Friendship GamesFG9 Yep, best friends and nothing more. Uh-huh. Sure. Anyway, it was silly how quickly they turned on one another, but the montage was absolutely hilarious, and a Kill la Kill reference in there to boot?
Photo FinishedFG9 Photo Finish was hilariously invasive, and I've gotta say, it's kinda weird seeing a high schooler with that hair. Also, poor Luna.
A Banner DayFG8.6 Some interesting interplay between some archetypal background humans, I've gotta say (and then Vice-Pincipal Luna trolls 'em good at the end)

Season five

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
The Cutie Map - Part 119210 An excelent beginning to the season
The Cutie Map - Part 229310 And an excellent conclusion, too - I feel we haven't seen the last of Starlight Glimmer
Castle Sweet Castle3948 Funnier than I was expecting - but also quite good (and the ending was as feel-tastic as I was hoping for)
Bloom & Gloom49510 Well, a CMC got their cutie mark - I can't believe I didn't think of her (XD) - still, an excellent episode, easily the best of the new season thus far
Tanks for the Memories5968 Oh man, all those faces, all over the episode - Rainbow Dash was quite expressive in this one, and the episode certainly called for it
Appleoosa's Most Wanted6978 The CMC seem to be more and more mature each time we see them, plus Sweetie Belle using magic (both of which are certainly quite welcome)
Make New Friends but Keep Discord7989.5 A very righteous episode - helped me clear out my chakras and sense the aura of my TV (righteous, man)
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone8999.8 Made me like Gilda (which is one hell of an accomplishment)
Slice of Life91009 The vignettes were kind of disjointed - but they were so good it doesn't affect the episode too much
Princess Spike101017.5 It was alright - pacing was off and moral was kind of strange
Party Pooped111028.6 Yaks were one-note and conflict seemed kind of forced - but Pinkie Pie pretty much made up for everything
Amending Fences1210310 This episode was every bit as great as I expected it to be - no, even better
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?131049 A very good episode to end the first half of the season - Sailor Big McIntosh was ridiculously great
Canterlot Boutique141058.7 A good episode to open up the second half of the season
Rarity Investigates!151068.5 The ending was a little disappointing and expected, but the rest of the episode was absolutely fantastic (also, 6 writer credits? That's gotta be a new (academy) record! (twismile)
Made in Manehattan161079.5 Just like how Friendship Games confirmed for me that Josh Haber was my favorite of the new season four writers, this episode confirmed for me that Noelle Benvenuti is very high up there as well
Brotherhooves Social171089 A surprisingly sweet episode - Polsky seems to continue to be hit-or-miss
Crusaders of the Lost Mark1810910 See my comment here - the little I can write in this column can't do this episode justice
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows191109 After 2-3 straight episodes of feels, it was nice to get one that was straight up comedy
Hearthbreakers201118.4 Getting to finally meet the rest of Pinkie's family was a treat
Scare Master211128.9 Pretty good episode - there were a number of really funny gags and moments, and I like how Fluttershy progressed by the end of the episode - but at the same time, her characterization throughout most of the episode was pretty frustrating for me
What About Discord?221137.9 Something else, it seems
The Hooffields and McColts231148.2 Weakest map episode, but it was alright
The Mane Attraction241159 A fine swan song for Amy Keating Rogers in the world of pony, as well as some excellent songs
The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 12511611 Wow, I think it's safe to say this is easily the darkest the show has ever gotten (thus far)
The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 22611711 Starlight's redemption was great, if a little rushed, and her motivations were understandable, if a little childish

Season six

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
The Crystalling - Part 111189 Very relaxed pace, but really liked Starlight's role
The Crystalling - Part 221199 It's almost like Haber looked at how insane and dark the previous two parter was, and intentionally made this one very relaxed (still good)
The Gift of the Maud Pie31208.6 Some great interactions and faces in this one
On Your Marks41219.5 Definitely lived up to its potential - takes the CMC in a new, exciting direction (one that I'm a big fan of)
Gauntlet of Fire51229.3 Princess Ember was great, easily the best Spike episode yet, some minor pacing problems throughout
No Second Prances61239.6 A really good episode, with some on point humor and great interactions - Starlight and Trixie's friendship is a great one
Newbie Dash71248 Rainbow Crash, how surprising - but an overall solid episode for Rainbow finally joining the Wonderbolts
A Hearth's Warming Tail812510 For such a simple concept (a ponified version of A Christmas Carol, somewhat), it's easy to tell they had a lot of fun making this - the songs especially are really great
The Saddle Row Review91269.5 Not at all what I was expecting (actually, kind of like On Your Marks in that way - also in that it's very good) - humor was spot on
Applejack's "Day" Off101278.2 Great moral and great to see Applejack and Rarity interact like that, but some bizarre pacing
Flutter Brutter111289.2 A really good episode with a solid moral (and it's something I've struggled with at various points in my life), a strong characterization of Fluttershy, and a somewhat unlikeable yet sympathetic character in Zephyr Breeze
Spice Up Your Life121298.5 Solid episode, with a good song, and the return of the Cutie Map!
Stranger Than Fan Fiction131309.2 Quibble is entertaining, and I loved his chemistry with Rainbow Dash - a solid midseason premiere
The Cart Before the Ponies141318.6 What was there I definitely liked (including seeing the CMC siting at school with their cutie marks and Sweetie Belle using magic so often) - I just wish there had been more of it
28 Pranks Later151329.5 Looks like (thankfully) my doubts about it being simply Mare Do Well 2.0 were completely justified - this was a pretty darn fun episode
The Times They Are A Changeling1613310 Who knew Spike befriending a changeling could be so damn compelling?
Dungeons & Discords171349 Solid, not to mention funny interactions (similar to Confalone's previous episode, though not quite as solid) - very entertaining
Buckball Season181358.8 I definitely liked how much Ashleigh and Andrea ended up talking to themselves, haha - solid moral, pretty entertaining (and certainly much better than Fall Weather Friends)
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks191369.9 It did not disappoint - aside from a song that's not that memorable, I can't really think of anything to complain about in this episode (Gabby was fun and the Crusaders were very well-characterized, plus the moral was great)
Viva Las Pegasus201379 Too bad there wasn't another Flim Flam song, but other than that, this episode was definitely entertaining (it was definitely nice to see Flim and Flam put their conning skills to good use)
Every Little Thing She Does211389.5 It wasn't (exactly) Lesson Zero 2.0, but that's okay - it was still a great, funny episode (with some nice development for Starlight to boot!)
P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)221398.2 Particular highlights for me were the animation and Pinkie's portrayal in Applejack's story
Where the Apple Lies231408.2 No Apple parents or baby Apple Bloom (among other things)? Ah well, such is life
Top Bolt241418.6 Solid episode, all the way through. Really loved the dynamic between Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail - also, since this is Twilight's map episode, the only map episode I felt was an improvement over its season 5 counterpart.
To Where and Back Again - Part 12514210 Great setup - who ever thought a team up of Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord would ever happen?!
To Where and Back Again - Part 22614310 Excellent teamup, some great snappiness to the dialogue in acts 1 and 2, Trixie's and Discord's arguments are hilarious, a great, foreboding atmosphere in the Changeling hive, and a transformation for the Changelings that I actually quite like!

Season seven

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
Celestial Advice11449.5 Excellent lowkey season debut - did a really good job of not feeling like a second part was necessary - and great characterization for Celestia (also, the Twilight fantasies were pretty hilarious)
All Bottled Up21459.5 Weak B-plot held this one back a little, but on the other hand, excellent interaction between Starlight and Trixie (even though I don't ship it, I could see why people would, especially after this one), and the song tune was fun (even if the lyrics were kind of generic and actually kind of eye-rolling - though I get the feeling that was the point)
A Flurry of Emotions31468.2 Harmless fun, nice to see Flurry Heart again, the guard/artist friend of Shining Armor was pretty funny (and unfortunately I've forgotten his name) - basically, my feelings on this episode can be summed up as "solid but unspectacular"
Rock Solid Friendship414710 I was originally gonna rate this 9.9 and come up with some minor, stupid quibble to justify that .1 off, but I genuinely couldn't think of anything, so there ya go - some on-point characterization for Maud here (I love the way that she's written - where it's clear that she's showing some emotion, but not so much that it feels out of character or strange for her), and she and Starlight have a great, natural feeling chemistry (heck, even Pinkie's antics found that sweet spot of being endearing and memorable without going too far into the annoying territory) - some notably excellent, mature dialogue as well
Fluttershy Leans In51487.9 Excellent characterization for Fluttershy, and Big Daddy McColt was a nice callback, but it was hampered by a weak conflict and overall dull story - in other words, a mixed bag
Forever Filly61499 I think this episode tackles the topic of the inevitable passage of time, nostalgia, and growing up quite well - it is definitely very sweet, and I love the parallel stories told (though I prefer the one with Sweetie Belle and Rarity slightly, for obvious reasons)
Parental Glideance71508.6 This is a good episode, that just misses out on being great, by having a fatal lack of nuance in the lesson (or it might be there, but it's not stated clearly enough - I dunno, haha)
Hard to Say Anything81517.2 Some of the dialogue felt a little flat, and in a first for me, Feather Bangs was more cringe than I remember him being - but also some good humor and the song is definitely entertaining
Honest Apple91528 Strange - kinda feels like the lesson was a little forced, and Applejack acted horribly in the second act (most egregiously removing the feathers from that hat), but lots of entertainment here (from guitar Rarity to Strawberry Sunrise), so overall, this episode is stupid, but entertaining
A Royal Problem1015310 I think this episode might be my favorite of the season - I mean, you get an episode involving the Royal Pony Sisters, two of my favorite characters, interacting with Starlight Glimmer (who is also one of my favorite characters - in fact, she's my second favorite now), and have some funny interludes with Twilight Sparkle (still my favorite), and it would be a contender for favorite episode of the season right then and there - but then you have to add in the fact that there is excellent fleshing out of Celestia's and Luna's characters here, in addition to their relationship, Starlight getting called by the map (which is a nice touch), and the great, surprising reveal of Daybreaker (in addition to other stuff not mentioned here) - have I made it clear how much I love this episode already? It really was the first episode of season seven to make me say "woah" and take notice.
Not Asking for Trouble111548.2 Fairly amusing, and some fun characterization for Prince Rutherford, but what a strange choice of episode to have as the hiatus lead-in, considering how much better the surrounding episodes (specifically, 10, 12, and 13) are
Discordant Harmony121559.5 A great episode featuring Discord - there was some really great randomness, and I loved the concept that being too stable and harmonious would cause him to literally fade away - a very fun episode
The Perfect Pear1315610 Finally, Applejack's parents are revealed - what a sweet, emotional episode this is. I love all the parallels between the Apple siblings' parents and them (parallelism is a trope that I absolutely love, in general), and how the story is told among the different ponies makes sense. And oh man, that song - easily the best song of season 7. I didn't get emotional (or even close) on first watch, but subsequent rewatches have definitely allowed more of the impact to hit home. I especially like how the show gets as close as they possibly can (without directly saying it) to confirming that Bright McIntosh and Pear Butter are dead
Fame and Misfortune1415710 A great, hilarious, (often) accurate, and loving "take-that" aimed at the fandom (specifically, the brony fandom, but it could honestly apply to just about any fandom) - which, based on this place, deserves it more often than not, with a pretty great and meaningful song to boot
Triple Threat151589 Great to see Thorax and Ember interact like that, and be so useful to strengthening each other's weaknesses as leaders - also interesting to see Spike get called by the map for causing his own friendship problem and then "fixing" it, haha (also, I totally ship Embrax now)
Campfire Tales161598.6 Yeah, the framing story feels fairly meager (although it is nice to see the CMC hanging out with their big sisters again - in that way, it reminds me of Sleepless in Ponyville, which is never a bad episode to remind me of), but the legends themselves are pretty neat, and make sense as to why they would be each pony's favorite
To Change a Changeling171609 Enjoyable seeing more of the changelings again, and seeing how the hive had changed since the season 6 finale (although I guess it's now just the place that's called the hive and the changeling citizenry is now the "pack"? Idk) - also, Pharynx was hilarious, and the way that Thorax finally convinced him to transform made a lot of sense
Daring Done?181618.9 I'm a bit ashamed that I had forgotten how I knew it was Caballeron - he's pretty painfully obvious, and to be fair, had he not tried to take Rainbow Dash with Pinkie and AK Yearling right off to the side, his plan might have actually succeeded! However, nice Daring Do episode, a nice Egyptian twist on the legend this time, and Somnambula is great (also, it's kinda nice seeing Pinkie be something of the voice of reason while Rainbow Dash gets distracted by her rabid fangirl-ism)
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You191629 Such an odd, funny, and entertaining episode, with a surprisingly good lesson (about inner confidence translating into outer confidence)
A Health of Information201639.6 I really enjoyed the sense of urgency underlying the episode - I think a lot of it had to do with how driven Fluttershy was portrayed - which was understandable, given her guilt over Zecora being sickened. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of the swamp, and how unique it was made to feel by the Cajun/bayou-esque background music (and how that applied to the legend of Meadowbrook)
Marks and Recreation211648.9 More entertaining than I remember (I remember it being somewhat dry) - though the lesson was every bit as good as I remember (it being that it's beneficial to try stuff, so you can find things you enjoy doing, even if it's not what you're meant to do with your life - and who knows, that might just be how you find what you are meant to do with your life). The reason why it's an 8.9 and not a 9 is because Rumble is just a bit too over-the-top and irritating
Once Upon a Zeppelin221659.3 A really nice, mature lesson (about self-care, and knowing where to set your boundaries), is the main highlight of this one - although it was nice to see Iron Will again, and Star Tracker was just so hilariously awkward in his interactions with Twilight - heck, it was enjoyable seeing Twilight getting to shine again
Secrets and Pies231668.9 I think that, now that I knew what to expect, I was able to enjoy this episode more. I was torn on whether to give it a 9 (because of how ridiculous and fun it was) or an 8.8 (because of the numerous easy ways that this could have been resolved in a less ridiculous way), so I decided to split the difference
Uncommon Bond241679.3 A great episode, with a great lesson (about how you don't have to have all that much in common with your friends, as long as you enjoy each other's company and get one another) - it was very interesting (though it made a lot of sense) to see Sunburst hit it off so immediately with Starlight's friends (I guess that's another thing they had in common - taste in friendship). If I had one critique about this episode, it's that it's a little on the dull, slow side, but that hardly ruins the enjoyment
Shadow Play - Part 1251689 The storytelling flaws unfortunately kind of drag this one down, but it's very interesting to see Starlight, of all ponies, forced into being the voice of reason, since Twilight is too busy fangirling over Star Swirl - also a nice touch to have Starlight have poor hornwriting (considering my incredibly poor handwriting, it's another way I can relate to her)
Shadow Play - Part 2261699 Thankfully, the storytelling flaws aren't as apparent here, and I love the touches with the worldbuilding (the parallels between the Pillars and the element-bearers) - in particular, I loved Star Swirl's characterization (and based on Celestia's line in MMC, it makes a lot of sense). The final conflict is kinda rushed, but it's a forgivable flaw

Equestria Girls specials

Special title Number Rating Notes
Dance Magic18.2 Some great characterization for Equestria Girls Rarity - also nice to see the Shadowbolts again, and while the conflict was obvious, it still felt worthwhile in the end - it made sense for them to all work together to their strengths
Movie Magic27.9 Telegraphed stuff just a bit too much, and as a result felt very obvious, but it was still entertaining enough (also apparently the in-universe actors can't act?!) - Juniper's idea to sabotage the movie in hopes of getting cast as Daring Do is nonsensical from a rational standpoint, but from a teenager's viewpoint, I can see it making total sense
Mirror Magic38.6 The stuff with Juniper and the mirror is not too terribly interesting, but that's more than made up by the interactions between Sunset and Starlight (seriously, who didn't want to see that?), as well as Starlight's human form being actually pretty cool (also, pretty funny joke toward the end)
Forgotten Friendship49.6 Great, intense stuff - Wallflower is a pretty sympathetic villain, much needed reunion between Sunset and Celestia, some great humor, in addition to everything I mentioned in the comment here

Wide theatrical release film(s)

Film title Number Rating Notes
My Little Pony The Movie19.6 The story can suffer from rushed pacing, and it's a shame there are too many new characters (don't really have a chance to flesh them out, except in the comics) - but they are very likable, and everything else is supremely enjoyable (the animation is a real treat to look at throughout, and the music in general - both score and songs, with the actual orchestra - is excellent) - emotionally true, great character arcs for both Tempest and Twilight, surprisingly profound role for Pinkie in the story, the voice acting is perhaps the best it's been in the series, both from the regulars as well as the celebrity guest stars, who do an admirable job of really fitting into the series (they really get into their characters, rather than it being a case of them stepping into a recording booth and then collecting a paycheck)
Same in name as the 1980's movie, but so, so much better.

Season eight

Episode title Number in season Overall number Rating Notes
School Daze - Part 1117010 Just a whole lot of fun - the Young Six, especially, are a welcome addition
School Daze - Part 2217110 Starlight makes a great guidance counselor, the Young Six continue to have great chemistry, and bigotry is tackled in an unexpectedly head on way. What's not to love?
The Maud Couple31728.8 Y'know, on rewatch, basically all my problems with the episode disappeared - except Mudbriar. Didn't particularly care for him, but I'm at least warming up to him
Fake It Til You Make It41738.8 A bit uneven, but still quite entertaining - resolution is incredibly rushed, but the termination scene is great - and frankly anything involving Fluttershy's characters is great (especially Hipstershy - the slang is so cringe it's hysterical)
Grannies Gone Wild51748.2 A mostly okay episode, nothing spectacular, aside from the references in the background
Surf and/or Turf617510 The one but of criticism I have about this episode is the fact that Scootaloo's and Sweetie Belle's fight seems a little silly and over the top. Everything else is excellent
Horse Play717610 After the feels of the last episode, it was nice to get one that was just a pure burst of fun - some really great lines in this one too. Celestia was excellent, and all the other characters were pretty great too - nice to see the Young Six again
The Parent Map81779 It was nice to be introduced to at least Starlight's dad and Sunburst's mom, and I appreciated how the conflict of old vs. new turned out to just be a massive red herring
Non-Compete Clause91789 It was definitely hilarious seeing Applejack and Rainbow Dash being so unnaturally deferential to each other, and there were some pretty funny gags in the cold open - other than that, this rating is for the Young Six. Loved 'em.
The Break Up Break Down101799.3 A bit of a cliched storyline, but the execution (of three simultaneous plot threads) is where this one shines
Molt Down111809.5 A low key episode, but a nice one - Spike is growing up, and it feels natural, and also nice use of Smolder and Zecora, among others, many other great things, just see my comment
Marks for Effort1218110 Doesn't quite claim the crown as my favorite of the season, but it sure does come close. Maybe I'm biased because I love the CMC, and Starlight Glimmer, and the School of Friendship, but this episode absolutely flew by, especially once Cozy Glow showed up (also, totally called that the CMC would be tutors by the halfway point)
The Mean 6131829.3 Well, it was a nice, but ultimately futile, attempt by Chrysalis to get revenge - fun interactions abound in this episode, particularly between the Mean 6 and Mane 6 and then also the Mean 6 and Chrysalis

Overall season ratings

The ratings are my feelings on the season as a whole - they are not an average of the ratings of the individual episodes.

Season number Rating Notes
17 A pretty decent start to the show, establishes the characters we've all come to know and love. Second half is much better than the first, overall (I personally think the series started getting better with Suited For Success).
28.5 A much better season overall than the first, but still a little uneven (still a bit too many "boring", dud episodes - though there are fewer of them so they're more balanced out)
37.5 Too bad it's a truncated season - probably would have scored higher if it was a full length season (as there was only one episode I really consider a "dud", which extrapolates to two for a full season, less than either season that came before)
49.5 Now here's where things really started getting good (continuing storyline, excellent episodes, what's not to love?)
59.9 And continued to here (how funny, with my two favorite episodes this season, one contains something I had never even known I wanted before, while the other contained an event I had been pining for since the beginning)
69 A definite step back in quality from seasons 4 & 5, but still very solid (and still with some episodes, like A Hearth's Warming Tail and The Saddle Row Review, that became instant classics)
79.3 Some really excellent episodes this go around - the things holding it back are basically the fact that I feel that this has one of the weaker season finales (though that's relative, as you'll be able to tell from the score), as well as the fact that overall, it just didn't quite have the same "wow" factor as 4 & 5
8Looks like there'll be a lot of movie references in this one (or rather, concepts established by the movie being referenced here) - I loved the movie, so I'm excited