Yay, another ask blog, let's see how much time until this dies off. (I didn't know how to start it plzdon'thateme)

Answered Questions

The Candlekeeper asks: How many people do you expect to hate you?

Answer: Everyone.

EHAN asks: Favorite pony (that isn't Nurse Redheart)?

Answer: Rarity.

Guildmaster Grovyle asks: Why won't your mother let you be hardcore?

Answer: She already said I could be harcore. (now stop asking, seriously)

Pinklady1 asks: What's your favourite color?

Answer: Red.

Steph physarum asks: If you received fifteen pounds of Fluffle Puff's fluff for free, what would you do with it? (Assume the fluff has no monetary value)

Answer: I would make a house out of it and live in it. And whenever I get hungry, I'll eat it as a snack.

CasalArsonist asks: Favorite band?

Answer: I don't listen to any bands.

PowerStar89 asks: What's your favorite food?

Answer: My mom's tamales. 

UnknownProdigy asks: Are you creeper slayer: pro?

Answer: Yes.

Berry Punch asks: Do you even lift?

Answer:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ You don't wanna mess with this sailor/Butterfree/Jorge.

TheUltimateH5M asks: ?

Answer: No. c:

Supertonicmortals asks: Jorge, why does i get no avi compliement and cant be in any chat moments?

Answer: You probably haven't said anything memorable and I don't compliment on avatars.

PinkiePie12345 asks: 1. Do I like myself?

2. Kirby or Pikachu

3. Rather be stung by a bee or hear Mike Kirby singing

4. Why am I asking you these questions

5. Am I your friend?

6. What do you think of imagination?

7. Can you even sing?

8. Do you like yourself?

Answer:1. Yes

2. Kirby

3. Mike Kirby singing

4. Because you wanted to

5. Of course.

6. I ate mine.

7. I don't know what you would call singing.

8. Yes.

PowerStar89 asks: If grapes could talk, what do you think they would say?

Answer: "Hey I'm a grape. HOLY CRAP I CAN TA-" *gets eaten*

The Bunker Guy asks: What do you think of squids?

Who's your favorite Youtuber?

Answer: I'd eat them.

Game Grumps.

Michael Ramsey asks: What's the story behind the whole ogre thing?

Answer: There is no story.

Epicalaxy Master asks: what do you do when you are sad?

Answer: I make videos. 

HotHeade999 asks: Are you excited for Halloween?

Answer: Nope.

Garintina the Devil asks: Your favorite Pokemon?

Answer: Butterfree.

Keep the questions coming!