It was a very pleasant day for Jorge. He was looking very calm and keeping a straight face and working on his next video. He kept getting distracted by the pings of chat, but he went back to editing the video and tried ignoring them.

TheToaMaster:                                                                                                                                         4:52

Jorge Esquivel ping

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         4:52

Yes Toa?

TheToaMaster:                                                                                                                                         4:52


Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         4:53

Please don't ping me unless it's something important

TheToaMaster:                                                                                                                                         4:53


Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         4:53

It's OK

Chat is really empty...

TheToaMaster:                                                                                                                                         4:53


~ TheToaMaster has left chat ~

  ~ It's a secret has entered chat ~

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         4:54

Hai It's a Secret. (kiss)

It's a secret:                                                                                                                                             4:54

Hello Jorge

Have you recived any packages?

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         4:54



Jorge's doorbell rang.

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         4:55


He entered the hallway walking towards the door. He peered through the doorhole. He noticed a shadow off to the far right, but he ignored it as the wind was blowing hard. He looked back in front of the door. He saw a package. It was a damaged box from the top, sealed with tape. Everything else about the box was normal and looked perfectly fine. He grabbed a knife from the dining room and jammed the knife in the center of the line of tape and worked his way up and had a feeling of excitement from guessing what was in it. He turned the box around and did the same thing with the other side and quickly opened it. He found a CD inside with marker written on it with really bad handwriting. He tried to find out what it said.

"It's a secret"

He didn't think of the name much and popped the disc in the CD drive. A single file was on the disc. It was a .txt file. Jorge used his mousepad to navigate his cursor over to the file and noticed it was working very slowly.

"I really need to clean this damn thing..." Jorge said still keeping focus on his computer. Finally, he was over the program and double-clicked it. It read: "Check back on the chat... I need to tell you something..." Jorge thought this was really getting stupid and closed the program. He noticed there was a second file. "What? This wasn't here before..." He quickly opened the file which was a .png. It was a map. "What is this a map of...?" He printed it out and folded it into his pocket. He maximazied the chatroom screen.

It's a secret:                                                                                                                                             5:03

So Jorge... find anything interesting?

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         5:03

Who the hell are you?

It's a secret:                                                                                                                                             5:04

Jorge, Jorge, Jorge... It's a secret...

Pony and meatball sub:                                                                                                                             5:04

What's going on?

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         5:04 I don't know... but this guy is really creeping me out...

It's a secret:                                                                                                                                             5:05

Jorge... you're really tired... time for you to take a nap...

Jorge was feeling really tired and dizzy. Jorge tried walking to the dining room to get some pills, but failed and quickly fainted face-first into the into the ground. 

It's a secret:                                                                                                                                             5:06

Goodbye forever, Jorge... 


          ~ It's a secret has been banned by Pony and meatball sub ~

He woke up on a dirt road and found a sign in front of him. 

"It's a secret, but I'll give you a chance... Open up your map. Meet me at that point."

Jorge looked around and felt that this was a very familiar place. It was the same place he found himself in his last adventure. Scared, Jorge quickly opened his map, almost ripping it. He found that he had 2 points on his map. The first point was labled as "Point A" and was circled and under it it said "You are here" followed with a line going through the first point leading to the second point labed as "Point B." He never remembered these markings from the original .png file. As soon as he was about to put it away, Jorge heard rustling in the bushes and shouted, "Who's there!?"

"Jorge... it's me..." said by a familiar voice. "N-nurse Redheart..."

"Nurse? How did you find me?"

"I didn't. I just woke up in a strange place and found a map beside me leading to this destination."

"Odd... I have a map and it leads me to a different place."

"Well maybe we shou-" another rustling in the bushes was heard. Nurse quickly  hid behind Jorge. A sword was thrown up into the air and landed on the ground slicing through the dirt and sticking up out of it. A voice was heard from the distance.

"Take this! You'll need it!"

Jorge grabbed the swords end with both hands and pulled with great force making the sword rise up out of the ground. As soon as he felt the ground loosening on the sword he used less force so the sword wouldn't go everywhere. At last, he wielded the sword with both hands and examined it making sure it was in good condition. He tried a couple of swings on bushes and it worked flawlessly, cutting through the bushes with ease.

"Wow... that's a big sword..." Nurse said.

"I'm surprised it doesn't really weigh much..." Jorge said as he tossed the sword up in the air with one hand and catching it with the other. "It's not going to be burden for right now..." 

"Put in here." Nurse held out a sword case. Jorge carefully placed the sword in there and it made a perfect fit.

"Thank you, Nurse."

"You're welcome. Come on, let's head out." The 2 set out starting their adventure. But as soon as they took a couple of steps Jorge's stomach rumbled.

"Nurse, do you happen to have any food?"

"Do I look like a fridge?"

"Speaking of your looks... *stomach rumbles* Uh... Never mind... I really need some food."

"Of course. Let's go get some food."

The 2 turn around and find a store with food. We grabbed enough supplies and went to the checkout center. 

"Um... Hello...? Anybody here?" Jorge said, noticing the place was completley empty.

"Jorge, maybe we should just take the food, seeing as no one is here..."

"Uh... OK... I'm not to sure about that, but I'm up for it."

"Then I'll cook you something up real quick." Quickly, keeping Jorge in mind, the Nurse cooks with the materials she could find. Nurse kindly hands Jorge a plate with a steak on it while lighting a campfire in front of the tent Jorge set up. 

"It looks great... *noms the steak* Thank you..."

"No problem..."

  • they both went silent while the campfire crackles*

"So... Um.."

"Yes, Nurse?"

"What were you going to say something on how I looked...?"

"Oh... yeah..."

"I know I don't look that great..."

"Of course you do. You look very pretty."

"Heh... thanks..." Nurse rubs her arms for warmth. "It's so cold out here..."

"Here..." Jorge holds his arms inviting Nurse to come closer to him. As she come closer Jorge wraps his arms around her. "I'll keep you warm."

"I feel safe for some weird reason... In your arms, I mean."

"I'll keep you safe too." Jorge turns his head looking into Nurse's eyes. Nurse looks back, gazing into his. Jorge slowly leans in for a kiss. Another rustling in the bushes is heard. Frightened, Jorge gets the sword from the case.

"Who's there?" Jorge said in a very alert tone.

"Jorge," The mysterious voice said. "I have your friend, Toa. Meet me at Point B if you want to see him again... But for now..." A can of sleeping gas was thrown at Jorge and Nurse, making Jorge fall to the ground on his back.

"Jorge?" Said Nurse to see if he was alright. As soon as she said that, she passed out, laying her head on Jorge.

"Sleep tight you two..."

Jorge wakes up to find Nurse laying on him, still unconsious. Jorge grabs her by the arm and shakes her lightly trying to wake her up.

"Nurse? Are you OK?"

Nurse opens her eyes slowly and looks at Jorge.


"I'm glad you're OK." 

"I'm fine. I'm with you."

"Heh... Yeah... We should get going, we need to get Toa."

"Just one question. Who is Toa?"

"He is a great friend of mine. Without him, I would be without another fic."

"Oh Jorge, don't tell the readers that there's going to be another fanfic, silly."

"Sorry, but it's pretty obvious. You don't stop after 2."


"We're still talking about this and Toa's probably getting tortured."

"Right, let's go."

Then the Nurse and the Jorge set out to go find Toa. Jorge spotted a foot print and decides to follow them. 

"Nurse, I found some footprints, they could lead us there faster."

"Maybe, or they could lead to a tr-" Jorge falls into a pit that looks like it's been dug since the 1900's before Nurse could finish her sentence.

"Well, I found out where the trap leads me to..."

"Don't worry Jorge, I'll get you out." Jorge stays in the hole while Nurse gets a rope and throws it down to Jorge while she holds on to it tightly.

"I got it! I'm coming up there!" Jorge grabs the rope and climbs up. "Thank you for saving me once again, Nurse."

"You're welcome." They then hug and continue onwards looking out for other traps.

"Wow... this forest is SO big... I already feel like I'm lost..."

"Hopefully we're not..."

A noise is heard from the trees.

"Did you hear that, Nurse?"


A man is heard yelling very loudly.

"LOOK OUT NURSE!" Jorge shoves Nurse out of the way saving her from the man. "Hurry. Run." They run off trying to make their way quicker to Point B, while being chased by the man. The man pulls out a dart gun and tries aiming at Nurse and Jorge. "Nurse! My Sword!" Nurse pulls out Jorge's sword and tosses it towards him. "Alright! Here goes nothing!" Jorge takes a swing at the man while he dodges and shoots another dart towards Jorge. Jorge backflips over the dart and slices the man in half. Jorge started breathing heavily and looked at the man. It appears that the man was actually an android.

"It's an android... Who would send out an android to hurt us?" Asked Nurse.

"I don't know, but whoever it is better be ready for me."

They continue and they find themselves in front of a building.

"Who has a building in the middle of the forest?" asked Jorge.

"I don't know, but is it safe to go in?"

"Stay back, Nurse." Jorge kicks the door wide open, sword in hand, ready to fight anyone or anything standing in his way.

"Come on, let's go."

Jorge and the nurse continue down the way towards where Point B is.

"HELP!" A cry was heard not to far from Jorge and Nurse.

"Toa!" yelled Jorge. Jorge ran towards the voice. He finds himself in front of a door with a lock on it. He draws out his sword and cuts the door open. He sees Toa tied in a chair by ropes.

"There you are! Nurse untie him while I find this mad man who did this."

"Looking for me?" Coming from a shadow a minotaur comes out and puts his hand on Toa's head. "He'll be a good little Toa and I will take the life out of him to create an army of clones. Then I will destroy you."

"I'm right here. You have nowhere else to go. You either let him go, or you could take a blade through your body."

"Oh Jorge, let me show an invention I've been working on..." The minotaur pulls out a weapon. "You see this? This is an incenerator. This will take care of you very quickly..."

"Yeah right! What is that you want from me anyways?"

"I need you gone so I can rule the world. You pose as a threat to my plan and

I can't have you foiling my plot."

"You little... Nurse, go now..."

"But, Jorge I-"

"Nurse I need you to be safe, I can deal with this guy all by myself."


Jorge leans towards Nurse giving her a kiss and says "I love you, Nurse, I don't want you to be gone. Just go, now."

"Jorge... I..." Speechless by the kiss, Nurse exits the room. Without any other thoughts.

"Well then, let's do this shall we?" said the Minotaur holding his incenorator out of all his other weapons beside him. Jorge draws out his sword, ready to fight. But suddenly, out of nowhere, UnknownProdigy waltzes and says, "Ninja Jolteon, Fillies!" 

A loud bang was heard, and Jorge quickly turned his head. The minotaur was found pointing a gun towards UnknownProdigy. He turned his head back.

UnknownProdigy had been shot. The enraged Jorge charged at the minotaur dodging bullets from the incinerator while they zoomed past him. Jorge leaped into the air and chopped at the minotaur while he dodges and tries another shot. Jorge then quickly hops over to the left, slices the ropes freeing Toa, then sticks his sword in the incinerator and let's go of the of the sword.

"You little! The incinerator is now going to blow up!" 

Toa has left the room running, while Jorge follows along with the minotaur far behind.

"We need to get out quick!" Yelled Jorge to Nurse and Toa. As they quickly make their escape they hear the sounds of the explosion. The minotaur hadn't made it out.

"Jorge... Thanks for saving me." Jorge opens his arms in front of Toa while Toa does the same. Jorge passes Toa and then hugs Nurse.

"I'm glad you're OK." 

"I'm glad you saved us... Jorge..?"

"Yes, Nurse?"

Nurse gives Jorge a kiss while Toa is in the back excited. 

"I love you too."

"Hey guys?" Toa said.

"Toa." Said Jorge and Nurse simultaneously

"How do we get home?"

"Well..." Jorge drew out from his mouth.

They arived at someone's house. Jorge knocked on the door. An odd man walked out with science goggles and a lab coat.

"Hello?" the odd man looked at Jorge.

"We heard you have a teleporter that we can use. Is that true?"

"Well.. Yes, but it is not fully tested  yet."

"I'll take my chances. Come on guys." Jorge walks up to the teleporter and gives the man the place of his house.

"Jorge!" Nurse holds onto Jorge. "I don't want to lose you."

"It's going to be alright. Come on, Nurse, we're going together."

Jorge grabs Nurse's hand and jumps through the teleporter. Jorge opens his eyes. 

"Nurse? Are you here?"

"Jorge, we made it!" Nurse was very happy when they arrived at Jorge's house. After they were home Jorge opened up his laptop and turned it on. He looked at his screen. Sony Vegas Pro was open.

"I forgot to finish editing my video... Ah forget it."

Jorge went on to the MLP: FiM wiki chat.

Jorge Esquivel                                                                                                                                          9:10

Hai everyone.

 ~ TheToaMaster has entered chat ~

Jorge Esquivel                                                                                                                                          9:10

Hai Toa. Nice to see you're alright.

EHAN                                                                                                                                                      9:11


what are you talking about?

Jorge Esquivel:                                                                                                                                         9:12

Oh nothing...

And Nurse and Jorge lived together. The end.

Special thank to Toa for making the first fanfic. Now go make 3rd one. If you guys liked it please leave comments. Thank you. (This is my first fanfic)