• Jughead35

    I noticed a lot of these blogs around so I decided to do one of my own. Whatever letter your username starts with, is who you go on vacation to your favorite vacation spot with.

    A - Twilight Sparkle

    B - Fluttershy

    C - Applejack

    D - Rarity

    E - Princess Celestia

    F - Princess Luna

    G - Lord Tirek

    H - Queen Chrysalis

    I - King Sombra

    J - Rainbow Dash

    K - Apple Bloom

    L - Scootaloo

    M - Sweetie Belle

    N - Princess Cadance

    O - Shining Armor

    P - Gustave le Grand

    Q - Sonata Dusk

    R - Aria Blaze

    S -  Adagio Dazzle

    T - Pinkie Pie

    U - Sunset Shimmer

    V - Discord

    W - Berry Punch

    X - Starlight Glimmer

    Y - Spike

    Z - Derpy

    Number or any other non-letter - Jughead

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