My First episode that I watch is "The Last Roundup". My friend really loves Applejack she request me to start to watch My Little Pony in the computer. I just first seem bored but when I see Pinkie Pie surprised Fluttershy I laugh so hard. I pause my video that I am watching because I heard my brother coming from school. I start to surprise him and that is my first Surprise to my brother. I play my video again and when Pinkie Pie started skipping I started skipping also and surprise my brother again when he come on my room. When Twilight said that Applejack is coming I heard my friend calling me outside. When some happens in what I watch it will happen in True life. When the Apple Family heard that Applejack is not coming back today. My friend leaves because her mother is calling her. I cry on my room and after I cry I play the video again. I started to laugh so hard when Pinkie is going in the Bathroom. In the very middle of the episode when Applejack brokes the Pinkie promise. It reminds me when my friend promise to come on my birthday but she never comes because her Father will leave and work Abroad. In the end of the video that I watch I smile and say "I really love this show I think my friend is right it is a great TV Show I smile and say to my friend that we will watch My Little Pony episodes every Weekend and afterschool accept for exams.