• I live in In the Land of the Ponies
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Derpy, Pegasus Ponies, Candy
  • I am A Pegasus (Just Kidding; A Human)
  • Kailakshi

    So, when I started watching this show, I liked how Rainbow Dash got wings and how she had her personality change through the old My Little Pony and the new one. And being the element loyalty? I would like that. Her hair is pretty cool looking, and I like how she wore sunglasses in the episode Lesson Zero. And I understand why she wants to be in the Wonderbolts so much. I mean, being recongized and being with some of the best pegasis ever, I would like that as well.

    In Sonic Rainboom, she just got more interesting. Though she can't stand Fluttershy's soft voice, she never gives up. But, finally gives up when it's just...Pointless and useless. I also found some facts out, when I first saw the episode. Like, that when she was a young filly, she…
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  • Kailakshi

    Okay, so when the series started, I thought Twilight was going to be one awesome unicorn. I was right, for a while. With the mustache thing back in Season One, Episode 6: Boast Busters. But, in Season Two, I start to get why others call her “crazy” and simular stuff like that. Okay, so this realization began in Episode Three: Lesson Zero. After the talk with her friends at the picnic, I thought she would just chill (since I thought like that). But wasn't I wrong. Her mane made me think stuff like “is that really Twilight?” and “she looks so--crazy.”

    And then I realized, that Twilight was not what I thought. I thought she was one awesome unicorn. But, I was wrong. She just turns out to be one crazy unicorn. She maybe able to make mustaches a…

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