Okay, so when the series started, I thought Twilight was going to be one awesome unicorn. I was right, for a while. With the mustache thing back in Season One, Episode 6: Boast Busters. But, in
TwilightSparkleAlright S02E03
Season Two, I start to get why others call her “crazy” and simular stuff like that. Okay, so this realization began in Episode Three: Lesson Zero. After the talk with her friends at the picnic, I thought she would just chill (since I thought like that). But wasn't I wrong. Her mane made me think stuff like “is that really Twilight?” and “she looks so--crazy.”

And then I realized, that Twilight was not what I thought. I thought she was one awesome unicorn. But, I was wrong. She just turns out to be one crazy unicorn. She maybe able to make mustaches appear on other's faces, but she can't ever outdo Rainbow Dash and the rest of the gang. Her craziness just outruns the rest of herself. I mean, she did that Smarty Pants spell on her Smarty Pants spell, just to create a pro
Big McIntosh Smartypants S02E03
blem that she could solve.

The doll itself, didn't look that good. But, I suppose that Twilight using a spell on it, was her only idea. Yet, she could have just did something, perhaps, simple? Nah, she goes and does a spell on her Smarty Pants doll. And, she never got it back. Why might that be? Maybe because the doll had the spell on it, when Big Macintosh took it!

Anyways, I bet she never saw that coming. Or why would she put a spell on her doll? And doesn't she know? Creating a problem only results in creating more problems. So, her making the problem, even if she could fix it, it would still result in her getting into another problem. Which now that you think about it, she would have liked
Smarty Pants id S2E3
that idea. If she had gotten even crazier. And when you know she's crazy, is when her mane gets all sticking everywhere.