So, when I started watching this show, I liked how Rainbow Dash got wings and how she
Rainbow Dash "these babies" S02E01
had her personality change through the old My Little Pony and the new one. And being the element loyalty? I would like that. Her hair is pretty cool looking, and I like how she wore sunglasses in the episode Lesson Zero. And I understand why she wants to be in the Wonderbolts so much. I mean, being recongized and being with some of the best pegasis ever, I would like that as well.

In Sonic Rainboom, she just got more interesting. Though she can't stand Fluttershy's soft
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy carry victorious Rainbow Dash on their backs S1E16
voice, she never gives up. But, finally gives up when it's just...Pointless and useless. I also found some facts out, when I first saw the episode. Like, that when she was a young filly, she was nicknamed Rainbow Crash, which still stuck with her, when she came to Clousdale with her friends. I seemed to like her saving the Wonderbolts and Rarity. Without a friend in deed, Rarity could have gotten hurt and saving your heroes, it could happen. Plus, while saving them, she had done the Sonic Rainboom (well, not a suprise. Since it's the title of the episode). Not so much of a Rainbow Crash now, is she? Even though Spike nicknamed her that in Bridle Gossip. But, that was before the episode Sonic Rainboom.

In The Elements of Harmony Two Part show, I realized. Sometimes, something someone does or says can change someone else's way of being themselves. Like for the Mane Six, Discord was making up 'lies' to get them to become discolored. As for Rainbow Dash, it was n
Rainbow Dash 'Nice try, sickos' S2E2
ot lies. It was her wings. He must of enchanced it...Or something. I'm just giving a random guess. Though, the loyal Rainbow Dash became the dis-loyal Graynbow Dash. Which, makes her less loyal. Plus, without her wings, shes got what? Nothing much, she is fast with wings? Legs? Probably not as fast. But, still. I understand how she feels about wanting those wings. She is able to see Ponyville from the sky. And, would she be able to stay afloat on Cloudsdale or on a cloud? Probably not, though Gilda was able to sit on her cloud. ... I think.

In Lesson Zero, I realized how Rainbow Dash was so cool, she wore sunglasses. For what reason? To act cool or yield her eyes from the sun? ... Either way counts. I like how she is always acting cool and being loyal to her friends.