FANMADE Pony with "S" cutie mark


Neigh is a ponifyed female version of the Scratch cat. In 2012 on April Fools Day she was used as a joke, and in 2013 Scratch 2.0 was released and she was used as a new sprite.


Neigh is an earth pony. She has orange mane and tail. The tip of her tail is white. She is orange with a white stomach area. She also has a cat nose and whiskers, as she was developed from a cat. She only has a dot for inside her eye, while most ponies have big, sparkly eyes. Her cutie mark is the Scratch "S". Part of her snout is white and orange comes down to her nose.
Scratch cat bitmap

what neigh came from

FANMADE Twilight and Niegh

mlp fim compared to neigh