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  • I live in Sydney Australia
  • I was born on November 20
  • I am female
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    September 6, 2015 by Katmare Sparkles

    i just finished watching Friendship is Magic Part 1 & 2 again and i got that spark of realisation that Twilight gets when she realises that she and her friends represent the spirits of the Elements of Harmony. my realisation though had to do with the Friendship Games movie and beyond.

    In FIMpt1 Applejack mentions that the Everfree Forest doesn't work right, that it isn't natural cos it takes care of itself, however in the human world from Equestria Girls that is how things work. and the glimpses human Twilight sees from what we have been shown in the trailers of Friendship Games is of the Everfree Forest in Equestria. we also know that the title of the next Equestria Girls project is LEGEND OF EVERFREE. and the packaging of the Midnight Spa…

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  • Katmare Sparkles

    Sea Ponies Paradise

    February 16, 2015 by Katmare Sparkles

    Dear Lady Sunset Shimmer,

    I am writing to you to let you know of a little reef known as Sea Ponies Paradise. It is located of the coast of Hoovstralia just south of Brismane. it is also not very far from the home of my cousins who live in the under water kingdom of Merstralia. which coincidentally is of the coast of my home the beautiful island of Aurora Eponialis.

    I do not know if you have heard of any of these places with your sojourn into the human world through the magic mirror portal.

    my dear friend Twilight Sparkle the Princess of Friendship in Equestria told me of your run in with the sirens from another underwater kingdom known as Aquastria. if they can return to their native home it would be better for everyone.

    now I know you maybe q…

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  • Katmare Sparkles

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    I bring news from the Fledgling Nation of Hoovstralia. There is to be a BIG celebration  in Sydneigh on Horseshoe Bridge. Apparently this city beat all the other major cities such as Marebourne, Hoofbart, Canterberra, Canterbury, Brismane, Darwhinny, Adelphilly, Pergasus, Lancerton, Helios Springs, Broken Horsehill, Gelding Gulf and Mount Unicorn.

    the competition was held to find out which of the cities would be best to host the Coltatilyan Games this year. (thats their version of the Equestria Games your highness).

    however as a new area of display they are holding a Marete Couture to allow others who are not so athletic to have a chance to compete and participate in the games.

    i just though that this might be somethng …

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  • Katmare Sparkles

    Update Feb. 2015

    Ok so some things have changed in regards to my favourite characters.

    Rainbooms: 1. Princess Twilight Sparkle 2. Sunset Shimmer 3. Fluttershy 4. Applejack 5. Pinkie Pie 6. Rainbow Dash 7. Rarity

    Dazzlings: 1. Sonata Dusk 2. Adagio Dazzle 3. Aria Blaze

    Cutie Mark Crusaders: 1. Sweetie Belle 2. Apple Bloom 3. Scootaloo 4. Babs Seed

    Royalty and Royal Guards: 1. Princess Cadance 2. Prince Shining Armour 3. Princess Luna 4. Princess Celestia 5. Flash Sentry

    Villians and Antagonists: 1. Lord Tirek 2. King Sombra 3. Queen Chrysalis 4. Discord 5. Sirens 6. Mane-iac Mayhem 7. Demon Sunset 8. Nightmare Moon 9. Trixie Lulamoon 10. Flim and Flam 11. Nightmare Rarity 12. Flutter Bat

    Others: 1. Zecora 2. Big McIntosh 3. Cheerilee 4. Discord 5…

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  • Katmare Sparkles

    Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

    I had the most amazing dream last night. the surprising thing about it was that it featured your good friend Applejack. in it she had become a Princess just like you. except that for her being a royal Alicorn meant a gigantic change from the Applejack we have come to know and love. she was so beautiful though, but i guess that is what happens when you find your true love stallion.

    I mean just look at you and Flash Sentry. i hope Shining Armour hasn't been to much of an overbearing big brother in that department. especially considering that he is Flash's boss too. hopefully Shining is grooming him to be the perfect companion for you, just like he is for Princess Cadance

    anyway please pass along my congratulation…

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