i just finished watching Friendship is Magic Part 1 & 2 again and i got that spark of realisation that Twilight gets when she realises that she and her friends represent the spirits of the Elements of Harmony. my realisation though had to do with the Friendship Games movie and beyond.

In FIMpt1 Applejack mentions that the Everfree Forest doesn't work right, that it isn't natural cos it takes care of itself, however in the human world from Equestria Girls that is how things work. and the glimpses human Twilight sees from what we have been shown in the trailers of Friendship Games is of the Everfree Forest in Equestria. we also know that the title of the next Equestria Girls project is LEGEND OF EVERFREE. and the packaging of the Midnight Sparkle doll has a shot of Ponyville as though the barrier between the worlds has been broken. so i am thinking that this all ties in together and is how they will resolve the ending of the Equestria Girls franchise as it currently stands so that Sunset Shimmer can finally return to Equestria for good. Another thought that i had in regards to this is that the pictures we have seen of Equestria Girls Lily Valley, Daisy and Roseluck from the ToysRUs Ponymania line which is flower blossom themed this year matches with the girl from the Legends of Everfree picture. this line also includes a Fluttershy doll with wings like Sunset Shimmer's time to shine doll. the background in Fluttershy's packaging looks like it could be from where her cottage meets the Everfree Forest. the Daring Do Pony from this line also has a similar background in its packaging as well. will we get to see Daring Do? will there be a Daring Do Equestria Girl doll? I hope so cos that would be awesome, and so would getting a Lightning Dust Equestria Girl doll and pony too.

my next realisation had to do with Rainbow Dash when she is confronted by the Shadowbolts in FIMpt1. Nightingale the leader of the Shadowbolts, mentions that the Shadowbolts are the best flyers in all of the Everfree Forest. the Crystal Prep Academy students are known as Shadowbolts, of which human Twilight is a member. i believe that King Sombra or his human counterpart is associated with Crystal Prep's history, possibly as its founder and first Headmaster. we know that Sombra himself is an Umbrum, that is a Shadow Pony, so there could possibly be a connection there too. as for Queen Chrysalis, i'm not sure of how she fits into the story of Friendship Games. is she masquerading as someone else as Changelings are known to do, or will she first appear as herself? i guess the answer to this will be seen when the movie is. Chrysalis is also part of the ponymania line this year, so is there a connection here too? 

my next theory has to do with Nightmare Moon. as shown in FIMpt1 the Shadowbolts were manifested by Nightmare Moon. is the realm of the Nightmare Forces associated with that of the Umbrum/ Shadow Ponies? are the Changelings also a part of this realm? did the Nightmare Forces consume Sunset Shimmer like they did with Princess Luna? what of the Bat Ponies, are those who are more Vampiric in nature also associated with this Nightmare realm too? the most probable answer to all these questions is yes. 

moving onto the amulet/ locket that human Twilight is wearing, is Starswirl the Bearded somehow mixed up in all of this? will we finally get to see him for real? we know that this amulet is magical just like the Alicorn Amulet, which consumed Trixie. are the two amulets connected somehow to the Nightmare Realm? most likely since this amulet/locket seems to me to be the source of how Twilight is transformed into Midnight Sparkle, the question that remains is, why this happens? what about the Inspiration Manifestation Spell that consumes Rarity? or the Sirens Gemstones? will we see the Dazzlings again?

Lastly is the rumoured title of Guardians of Harmony for the big MLP movie? and does that story fit as another big piece of this puzzle. I mean the Tree of Harmony is located in the Everfree Forest. Is the entrance to Tartarus located near the Everfree Forest? is the entrance to the Nightmare Realm there as well? what about the Harmony Realm? The Lost Alicorn Tribe? Dragon Ponies? will we see Discord and Zecora in Equestria Girl form? Does Zecora have special knowledge related to this from living in the Everfree Forest? will we learn more about the Zebra Tribe?