Dear Princess Celestia,

I bring news from the Fledgling Nation of Hoovstralia. There is to be a BIG celebration  in Sydneigh on Horseshoe Bridge. Apparently this city beat all the other major cities such as Marebourne, Hoofbart, Canterberra, Canterbury, Brismane, Darwhinny, Adelphilly, Pergasus, Lancerton, Helios Springs, Broken Horsehill, Gelding Gulf and Mount Unicorn.

the competition was held to find out which of the cities would be best to host the Coltatilyan Games this year. (thats their version of the Equestria Games your highness).

however as a new area of display they are holding a Marete Couture to allow others who are not so athletic to have a chance to compete and participate in the games.

i just though that this might be somethng that would be valuable to your own games Princess.

anyway i will keep you posted.

Yours Sincerely,

Bella Blueblood Foreign Correspondant