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Hi Everyone! It's my 1st blog today so i just wondering to represent me as Rarity would you like that? You know i am Rarity's biggest fan and i know your a biggest fan too! Lol, so thanks for looking my page! :)... "Rarity's Fan"                                     

Dear Pony,

I was wondering to help other people that need help but somethings wrong i don't know why? But can you please help me to help people that needs help? Thanks Pony.... :) Dear Pony,

I have a good day since i am new i felt bad because all of my friends has being mean to me so i just realized to being a good friend...... ALWAYS.... :) Thanks Pony!

Dear Pony,

Peoples are so mean so if they are mean i am mean too?! You know i'd like to leave because they are very mean.. Sorry...

Dear Pony,

Peoples are very mean to me even i cry.. I don't know what to do, being mean them too? No, it's not even the person who is mean to you and your being mean too... *Cries in tears* I should to being good to them but they making me mad at them!

Would you help me Pony to being a good friend? Thank You Pony, your the greatest pony i've ever seen and talk...

This is the worst day, i could never known what's happening in here this wiki? But i do not know why?! *Cries*

Dear Via,

Your such a great friend you know and i hear your voice since were talking in Facebook call, and i am glad too that i see you in personal, i'll teach you and know everything in here in WIKI! Welcome Via Araneta....

AJ: Rarityjam219

I do not know if she's coming here?

I was very annoyed in this movie!
Equestria Girls Friendship Games DVD Cover

Because i don't understand....