Dear Pony,

I am so hard to make this blog again it so unfair so i realized that
Rarity Friendship Games bio art
this is my best day ever! Thanks Pony! :)

Hi Guys! I am KawaiiPie i'd like to greet you Hi so it will be pleasure to you! You can make a message if you want...

Dear Pony,

Why does people being mean? I don't know why maybe i am mean to them too? I just wanted to be a nice friend to them but they keeping laughing like no one is funny they really keep laughing if since it's all about you?! I do not understand... Please would you help me Pony? Please? Thank you Pony.... :)

Welcome Via Araneta in MLP Wiki!

Omg this is so awesome i catching more badges!! :D

Oh, hi guys i'm gonna earned more badges! Yee!! :)

Oooh, what do you vote for?

Let's go, Wondercolts! EG3
Shadowbolts or Wondercolts?
Let's go, Shadowbolts! EG3

I actually not understand the movie, it's so hard to think but i think i got it...

  • KawaiiPie goes in Paris and goes Halfway in Eiffel Tower, and goes in Jamaica...

Let's go, Wondercolts! Let's go, Shadowbolts!