• KellynKaz


    August 13, 2011 by KellynKaz

    Hello, fellow bronies and ponies. I am Kellyn Kaz from Bakugan Wikia, and also an admin. I am ALSO a pony lover, and came across this place. I had a look and (no offense) the structure format is quite, dull and boring. The mainpage is VERY ambiguous for the new users. Even though this may seem rash, but i would like to help this wikia. I'm Bakugan Wikia's template makers, and i am able to make your wiki almost like ours. Wtih news boxes, user boxes, Featured articles and much more. If you don't beleive i am sysop or beleive that Bakugan wiki is the most 10th used anime wikia, please. Have a look at these links.

    Our HP:

    Top ten:

    proof i'm admin:…

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