aka KeraKeKe

  • I live in Dog
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is being a horse
  • I am dog
  • KiKira

    Alrighty, I have just fully joined this wiki and I have noticed a lot of members with wicked nice talk page graphics stuff. I've been trying to make my own talk page edits but i have run into a bit of trouble...

    Firsty I can't seem put a static pony image any where other than the bottom of the page where Spikey-Wikey is right now. (thanks to Dash Dot for that code) And that fixed image template is not working very well for me. I end up with a huge vector image and a lot of ugly broken code scattered everywhere. Is there a code I can use to at least shrink it down and place it in my wanted spot? Another problem is I don't know how to put images places without it being a wikia photo thing. What's the code for that? Any help would be appreciat…

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