Sort of like that guilty pleasure episode blog, but for all kinds of MLP-related things:

Basically, what are your unpopular opinions about the franchise, or maybe some things that most people did/do but you didn't/don't do?

For example: I never watched Equestria Girls. And I'm not going to watch the second one. Not that I hate it so much that I want nothing to do with it, I just have no desire whatsoever. Maybe that's because ponies are too much of an integral part of MLP for me that I have no interest in them as humans, maybe it's because I have a distaste for high school setting for any stories, maybe it's because I'm not a fan of their designs, or all those reasons at once.

Also, I still think Flim and Flam were wronged. They started out as fairly honest salesponies with an actually working cider machine, and even their offer wasn't bad at all.

I also don't care about such characters as Cheese Sandwich, Discord or Trixie, Maud or Coco. Plus, I'm getting tired of Pinkie Pie - maybe it's the writing but to me, it's like everything about her is just too repetitive. I know all Mane 6 characters remain the same but in Pinkie's case it's just too strikingly obvious.

I don't actually hate any character though.

Now, your turn, but don't forget to be respectful to others!

Edit: I also never liked any song since Season 2.

Edit 2: Cadance is my favorite princess.

Edit 3: I strongly dislike the trend of ponifying everyone and everything. Just like I always disliked how people drew human characters as wolves/cats/dogs for no reason - it just makes it look like they can't draw humans. I also greatly dislike that "ponymaker" many people use.