So you might have noticed that I'm more or less an on-and-off fan of the show - I only show up whenever the new episodes are airing. Since I'm not strongly invested in the fandom, I don't feel strongly about the show either. I mean, for example, I was completely fine with Twilicorn, and while there are things I'd criticize, ultimately, they don't have much impact on me.

As such, I can say that I've been almost consistently enjoying the series, with only a few downs here and there. Usually, MLP:FiM manages to balance out simplicity and more complex themes, lightheartedness and seriousness, and therefore has things for both children and adults to enjoy, at the same time not relying on sneaking in dirty jokes or anything like that. And I even feel that I've been enjoying the writing more lately than during the first seasons.

And now I wish to know the opinions of more fandom-dedicated people on this topic. How would you evaluate the show's overall quality and your enjoyment of it. Does anyone feel that their opinion changed as they grew more mature during the show's run? Did any other real-life factors influenced it (not asking for any personal details, of course)? Can you say that the show is getting better, or worse, or has it always been many ups and downs? Thanks in advance for any replies!