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    Worst gen of My Little Pony?

    December 29, 2011 by Kikue

    So, what do you think is the worst gen of My Little Pony? G1, G2, G3, or G3.5? [Lol I almost put G4 by mistake... *facepalm*]

    I think G1 was pretty decent for its time. It stuck to the demographics, and it probably wouldn't be something I normally watched, but it was somewhat decent. Yeah, it didn't really have anything to do with ponies, and it was really cheesy... but it's better than some of the other gens when you think about it.

    G2 didn't have a show... I think it had a game, though.

    G3... ugh. It was extremely girly and frilly. The girls were crybabies. I disliked it. I know that some of the G4 ponies came from G3:

    Rainbow Dash, the pony who loved to dress up and say "darling" with everything.

    Rarity, a young princess who loved adventure …

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  • Kikue

    Memes are highly annoying

    December 29, 2011 by Kikue

    Yeah, some of these aren't memes, but things you guys are saying that are really annoying:

    "Omigosh soandso is best pony!!"

    [Insert Portal, Skyrim, Spongebob, and other references here]

    "Nope, Chuck Testa!" XD

    "Soandso, why u no like [insert whatever here]?"

    "OMIGOSH [Insert Derpy, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, or Pinkie Pie here] isn't your FAVORITE pony? You suck!"

    "You're a troll! GT*Freak*O!" - so much for love and tolerate -__-

    "I want a song!"

    "Omigosh Rainbow is homosexual look at the way she laughs!" - for the record, that was the fastest thing I came up with.

    "I have perfect grammer and spelling so I'm going to use it to critcize and boss other people around." - You don't know how much I hate bronies like this -__-

    "Omigosh soandso totally just…

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    Hasbro's claming copyright

    December 24, 2011 by Kikue

    Now Hasbro has seriously peeved me off. They're claiming copyright on the MLP episodes on Youtube. It's really unfair to those who don't have The Hub (which I have... I love AT&T) Don't they know most of their audience started because of Youtube? They're being ridiculously stupid, unless they're tired of all the memes and trolls and crazy OCD bronies. I guess I can understand that. I'm really mad at Hasbro, because they just took off my favorite episode, Secret of My Excess, which I was planning on watching.

    I could be wrong. There is a possibility that a troll is going around filing copyright pretending to be Hasbro, but I doubt it.

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  • Kikue

    Okay, I've about reached my limit on "Cupcakes". Seriously, STOP referencing it, I'm getting seriously annoyed. Stop drawing fanart and making videos on it, it's disturbing. Geez, it was a stupid fanfic, get over it! I've read a lot worse fanfics, such as iCrappy. Oh my gosh, did that suck.

    Yeah yeah.... Pinkie eats Dash. SCARY! You guys were all "Don't read it!" So, I did. Most people either were scared or laughed when they read it. I was not amuse whatsoever. It was horrible, with crappy grammer and spelling, the punctuation was off, and Dash was totally OOC. I read it in a couple minutes, and thought it sucked.

    It wasn't too grimdark or anything like that at all. It had a stunning lack of detail. I could've written a more detailed story w…

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    Secret of My Excess ~

    December 11, 2011 by Kikue

    Okay, I had been waiting for Secret of My Excess for a while, and it was totally worth it. I loved all the old movie references in it, I thought it was hilarious, and it was so sweet. So, I'm guessing there's another way for a dragon to get older, and that would be hoarding stuff...

    I'm pretty sure the reason Spike looked different as an adult in this episode than in the Cutie Mark Cronicles is probably because Twilight didn't turn Spike into an adult, she just made him get bigger.

    Rarity was so understanding in this episode, but it doesn't neccessarily mean she likes him back. I'm going to have to go with the person on youtube who posted this:

    (Spike and Rarity falling)

    Fantastic job for THAT scene.

    Watching it again, I feel that Rarity doesn'…

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