So, I know that most people have a favorite character, right? I know some people think that favorites are silly and everypony is the best, and their right, but sometimes we have a favorite character because we can relate to them the most. I notice most people like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, but I don't really see people thinking the same about Applejack and Rarity. I think they're all great characters.

I love Twilight the best. I can relate to her the most, and she's my favorite color!

I know this may hurt a little, but Fluttershy and RD are at the bottom of my character list. I tend to develop a small dislike towards overly-popular characters... No offense or anything, because I still love those characters.

My character list:

Twilight - We're both smart, we're both organized... There's more than that XD

Spike - I LOVE dragons!

Rarity - Why is she near the top? I can relate to her VERY well. I am a whiny, spoiled, selfish, brat. I'm not saying Rarity is all of that, cuz she's not.

Applejack - Love how tough she is! I'm tough, too!

Fluttershy- I'm very shy, just like her. I relate!

Rainbow Dash - I'm a tomboy! :D

Pinkie Pie - I can't relate to Pinkie at all... Hmm... NOPE XD

I share similarities to everyone except Pinkie. What's your favorite character? :D