Yeah, some of these aren't memes, but things you guys are saying that are really annoying:

"Omigosh soandso is best pony!!"

[Insert Portal, Skyrim, Spongebob, and other references here]

"Nope, Chuck Testa!" XD

"Soandso, why u no like [insert whatever here]?"

"OMIGOSH [Insert Derpy, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, or Pinkie Pie here] isn't your FAVORITE pony? You suck!"

"You're a troll! GT*Freak*O!" - so much for love and tolerate -__-

"I want a song!"

"Omigosh Rainbow is homosexual look at the way she laughs!" - for the record, that was the fastest thing I came up with.

"I have perfect grammer and spelling so I'm going to use it to critcize and boss other people around." - You don't know how much I hate bronies like this -__-

"Omigosh soandso totally just had a moment they should make out!" - I was on livechat during the episode "Secret of My Excess" Some of you wouldn't shut up about intercourse and r**e. (I feel like censoring the word. Deal with it)

"Where is my Gyrobowl commercials?" D: - yeah, IS not ARE.

"Fluttershy is soo kawaii!"

"Princess Trollestia!" - D: that's mean.

"Soandso is now canon!"

"My Little Pony is all I do now!" - what?

"Haters gonna hate" - thats stupid -.-

"Somethingandsomething arrow to the knee" - worst meme EVER. It needs to die!

"Where's Luna during all of this?!" - at her castle, which is not in Ponyville or Canterlot. Geez.

"Rarity is a marshmallow!" - ._. how can a pony be a marshmallow?

"Fluttershy is a tree!" - ._. stupid meme...

"Scootaloo is a chicken!" - now I know that's a lie!

"Anything but cupcakes! D:" - You want me to write an even more sicker version of "Cupcakes?" Hmm? I've been told by my family that I'm psychotic, which isn't a total lie. Hehe... *eye twitches*

"This is when Discord ruled" - yeah, I understand that "Newborn Cuties" wants to make you vomit. But why would Discord want to be there? Even that's too much for him.

Edit: (New meme I added that wasn't on the list before)

"Spike is the new Rainbow Dash!" - Actually, I kinda like this one. The fanart is hilarious.

I'm not a hater (I think the word "hater" is ridiculously stuipid) I just think memes are ridiculously stupid (see what I did there?) and completely useless. *shrugs* Go on with what you must, I guess... Also, FYI, you spell marshmallow "marshmallow" not marshmellow. Please stop spelling it phoenotically because you're spelling it wrong. (If you don't beileve me try spell checker)