Okay, I've about reached my limit on "Cupcakes". Seriously, STOP referencing it, I'm getting seriously annoyed. Stop drawing fanart and making videos on it, it's disturbing. Geez, it was a stupid fanfic, get over it! I've read a lot worse fanfics, such as iCrappy. Oh my gosh, did that suck.

Yeah yeah.... Pinkie eats Dash. SCARY! You guys were all "Don't read it!" So, I did. Most people either were scared or laughed when they read it. I was not amuse whatsoever. It was horrible, with crappy grammer and spelling, the punctuation was off, and Dash was totally OOC. I read it in a couple minutes, and thought it sucked.

It wasn't too grimdark or anything like that at all. It had a stunning lack of detail. I could've written a more detailed story with a lot more pain, but I'm not a sick freak. I didn't think about it after I read it. I actually read it really late at night. As a joke, I went into my kitchen and took a cupcake out of the fridge. I mixed up some blue food coloring and icing, and put it on the cupcake, then I added rainbow sprinkles and ate it. After that, I went to bed.

Also, have you ever even thought about how the Cakes are related to this? They would NOT approve of Pinkie turning their basement into a butcher shop. It would also take a LOT of effort to turn insides into freaking cupcake batter. Pinkie would probably have some disease from eating other ponies freshly cut if she kept doing that. Plus, she would eventually run out of costumers.

Speaking of which, I think I'll go mix up some red food coloring and icing to make it pink, then add some yellow and blue sprinkles on top of it. Hehe... Pinkie Pie cupcake. Nah, I'm kidding. I only have cookies right now.